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At Gikas Contracting we have a wide knowledge about each building and we know that it has its own resource and sooner or later it will require major or minor repairs. Reconstructing the walls is not the only task. A much more crucial event is the reconstruction or repair of the roof, which often requires the complete replacement of every part with new ones. The recreation process itself, might involve maintaining the roof and improving the appearance when changing components. Thus, right after the repair, the roof should seem significantly updated, though without losing the old properties and characteristics.

Gikas contracting will help you protect your investment and property and bring your home to its full beauty and value. While most roofing companies think that a roof is just a roof, at Gikas contracting we take our work very seriously. We drive by and see houses that we get excited to work on. We enjoy every minute of your project from the initial consultation to the final piece of trim. Please take this opportunity to spend some time viewing our work page. You will be able to see all of the fine detail we put into our work.

Repairing your roofing and gutters with Gikas Contracting

To understand which way we need to follow in order to repair your roof , we need to understand what kind of problem we have to face. We must by no means rush to remove the roofing material until all communications, water and sewer pipes have been checked, if all is well, then we should pay attention to the roof sealing, you should check for surface contamination or some chips. When we are looking at flat roofs it is not uncommon to have displacement of the roof, which has negative consequences to the whole construction.

If we are talking about roof repair, then there are some steps we need to follow:

  • Some repairs are made if there is any damage to the roof.
  • In case of damage to the roof by more than 37%. In this case, a major overhaul is performed, where all damaged parts are completely replaced with new ones.
  • For minor local damage to the roof, you can make local repairs and adjustments to gutters.
  • If one or more leaks are found, then special material pads are placed on them.
  • If we find small cracks on the roof or gutters, we can seal them with construction tape or use sealant. But bear in mind that this solution is temporary.

Complete reconstruction of the roofing with Gikas contracting

The partial reconstruction of the roof from scratch, should not take much, because in a wooden house the roof elements will deteriorate quickly. To replace the old roof, if it has disintegrated or started to leak, we can build a new one or make a partial repair. In houses, the improvement and major repairs will be permanent. In order to change such a thing, you will need to rebuild the house into a partially residential one, for which it is screwed with bricks and a new, reliable roof is being built and new gutters are installed.

The reconstruction process is essentially a massive task and requires different types of work:

  • Replacement of old roofing sheets with new ones, if they are worn or mechanically damaged,
  • The process of reconstruction of the roof, and as part of it, the work with beams and their replacement, if there is such a need,
  • reconstruction, due to which the dimensions of the roof will change significantly;
  • carrying out a complete reconstruction of both the roof and the attic.

When does your house need a roofing and gutter reconstruction?

According to our expert team at Gikas Contracting company, there is a number of reasons why your roof might need to be rebuilt. Let’s see these reasons below:

  • The occasional wear of the roof’s structure due to improper installation or operating conditions.
  • The result of poor quality roofing work of home builders in addition to the construction of the roof;
  • Careless behavior towards the roof, meaning going long without a minor repair, even if absolutely necessary.
  • The shortage of proper ventilation in the roof construction and therefore its coating.
  • The already existing gutters are old and not functional.
  • Gutters tend to get blocked all the time which might mean that your roof has got a wrong incline which can lead to flooding of your terraces and other negative effects.

Construction changes in roofing design

The most logical variant of the course of work, if necessary, to cut the roof or make some changes in its design, thinking about what should be above the house and choosing a specialized group of employees who will put all of their effort and art into it. This is why our team in Gikas contracting is the best in the area of Montclair.

In this case, the workflow will look like this:

  • Our experts will inspect the roof and together with the homeowner, we will create an approximate plan of future construction.
  • As the appearance of the roof and its dimensions vary, you need to obtain the appropriate work permit.
  • When everything is decided, it is necessary to proceed to the calculation of the estimate for construction.
  • Highly skilled workers legally certify their activities and are responsible for the change of the roof’s design.

Roofing reconstruction process by Gikas contracting

The reconstruction process is important for proper execution, the first work is done with the old roof and its cover. It is important to remove all irregularities, turns and bumps. The installation of a new roof should be done on the base, which is already fully prepared. The first step is to install new waterproofing, and already on it you can place roofing materials of any type.

If the flat roof is not justified and there is a need to make a space, then it is not always necessary to destroy what it was, you can build a new frame on it. Rafters are farms made of profiles. Working with them is easy and convenient and immediately after the construction of the frame, you can install a new roof. The galvanized steel profile is very reliable for such cases, as it does not deteriorate due to environmental conditions, is not afraid of moisture, heat and does not burn.

Areas we serve for roofing and gutters

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