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Painting a house is a very important task and finding professional painters in all areas we serve is equally important! At Gikas Contracting, our customers feel safe and trust our professional painters they chose and are sure that we will offer the best possible result.

The best solution for the protection of a building from the weather conditions but also for energy savings is the interior and exterior painting. Gikas painting undertakes the maintenance of buildings like shops, business premises, hotels, hospitals, educational facilities, your home and other building facilities in all areas we serve.

Like all things that need to be maintained, so are buildings in need of paint repair. Over time the building wears out. If you notice this wear early and do a general maintenance, then you will give new value to your building and more years of life.

Ask for Gikas services before the building reaches the final stage. For this reason you should occasionally monitor all parts of the building. When you realize that something is worn out, make an immediate repair. Do not let time become an ally of wear and tear. The maintenance of the building could be done before the supposed wear begins.

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If you do not know the kind of restoration your building needs, but also what you need to check to prevent the upcoming damage, schedule a FREE estimate at your place and we will give you an offer for the repair of the building.

What are the benefits of a building maintenance?

The benefits of building maintenance are many. Some of them are:

  • Durability over time and longer life of the building
  • Quality that is measured in performance. Efficiency in heating, cooling and humidity
  • Upgrade of the energy rating of the building first for you and second for any future sale
  • A change in painting means a change in mood
  • Economy, cause with the repair you save – you prevent the damages which will cost you twice as much afterwards

Is it time to paint the exterior walls of my house?

A common question homeowners have every spring and fall as it is probably the most suitable period for painting the exterior of a house. See the areas we serve and find the best painter in New Jersey.

But does it really need painting?

The answer is easy when the walls have problems such as peeling, discoloration, moisture and so on. Yes, then it needs painting.

All these problems indicate that the hygiene of the house and its inhabitants suffer. External problems are a gateway for moisture and therefore corrosion of building materials, reduced durability of construction, increased heating costs, higher cost of repairing damage.

However, there are cases where the exterior walls need to be painted even if there are no strong indications. The exterior walls of buildings are exposed to the sun, humidity, environmental pollution, high or low temperatures, changes in weather conditions and so on. Painting exterior walls comes to protect buildings from all these factors, this is its main purpose. But at the same time, choosing beautiful shades and successful combinations, it upgrades them aesthetically.

In order for the houses to remain “healthy“, they need systematic care. Depending on the New Jersey area, the conditions of a house or a building in general, but also the products with which it had been painted, it should be repainted every 5 to 10 years. See below the areas we serve and take a look at our finished projects.

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At Gikas Montclair Painting in NJ, our exterior painting warranty goes up to 12 years. That is over a decade of reliable quality paint for your home. Confidently choose our exterior Montclair painting to keep your home looking incredible with stellar curbside appeal. Schedule a free estimate now!

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