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Ridgewood Roofing Roofers NJ 07450

Gikas Ridgewood Roofing Roofers has been providing outstanding roofing and contracting services in Ridgewood NJ 07450 and other New Jersey towns since the early 1980s.

We operate throughout the Essex county town for almost 40 years. Our team takes great pride in providing the best results for our costumers. After all, your home or your business deserve the best and that is what we can give you.


To say our house has been transformed is an understatement. Our “armadillo” neutral beige house is now a gorgeous old Victorian with the elegance and richness of it’s original design.

We add value to your residential or commercial roofing providing gutter installation and repair. Our professional technicians manufacture roofs of high standards that meet the requirements of our customers from start to finish.

You can see our roofing and gutter repair projects in Ridgewood on the beautiful homes around Ridgewood Parks & Recreation. See more of our exceptional services, like exterior painting along Maple Avenue, Meadowbrook Avenue and Linwood Avenue.

Ridgewood Residential and Commercial Roofing

Trust Ridgewood Roofing if your property needs roof repair or a new roof installation. Our professionals have you covered! Call us to make an appointment and we will come to your home or business to inspect your roof and evaluate your needs individually.

If your residential or commercial roof needs repair, our team of experts will evaluate the existing structure and decide the best option that suits your needs to solve the underlying problem.

If you need a new roof installation in Ridgewood, we will suggest to you all the best options to find the one for you. After your roofing evaluation, Gikas Ridgewood Roofing Roofers will provide you with an accurate estimation including time and cost, before starting any project!

Do you ever wonder if there is a Ridgewood roofing company near me? Stop wondering, because we, Ridgewood Roofers, will always be there for you!

Gikas Ridgewood Roofing Roofers

For 30 years now, our company has built countless tiled roofs, wooden roofs, pergolas and decks in the greater Ridgewood area, but also throughout New Jersey. Having so many years of experience, we play a leading role in the field of Ridgewood home restoration.

With Ridgewood roofing you will have:

  • Correct choice of materials
  • Flawless aesthetics
  • Quality
  • Technical support after the completion of the works
  • Complete and economical solutions
  • Original decorative ideas
  • Timelessness
  • Consistency in the aforementioned delivery time

Our experience in the field of construction is based on real know-how, passion and love for every Ridgewood roofing project, small or large, that we undertake.

Ridgewood Roof Installation

Gikas Ridgewood Roofing Roofers specializes in installing both pitch and flat roofs in Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450. In conciliation with you, we will choose the best roof for your residential or commercial property. Home owners usually choose pitch roofs and business owners prefer flat roofs.

Our expert roof inspector will examine your roof thoroughly, recommend the best option for roof installation, and schedule with our team the whole process. Trust Gikas Ridgewood roofing roofers in New Jersey 07450 to give value to your property!

Ridgewood Roof Repair

If you are in need of roof repair, call the roofing experts at Gikas Ridgewood Roofing Roofers to fix your leaking roof immediately. Rainwater leaking into your home can cause long lasting damage that does eventually warrant a full roof replacement.

Leaks may result in dangerous mold problems. Our reliable roof repair experts are the best professionals to hire in Ridgewood.  We handle Ridgewood roof repair and other Gikas Montclair roofing.

Roofing mistakes made as a result of which your roof gets water

Due to the heavy rains roofs get flooded. There are many technicians in the construction industry who say they know everything and make everything, from plasters, tiles, plumbing, to tiled roofs.

It is not something strange after all; in New Jersey, whatever you state, you are. They believe in their hands and believe that they can build or even repair everything inside and outside a home. Sounds perfect. The reality, however, is far from the realization that anyone can do everything.

The most important question that could be asked in such a simple to listen to, but extremely complex issue in practice, is whether it is financially advantageous for the unsuspecting customer to get rid of the many craftsmen and get the one that does everything.

The bad thing, however, is that the answer to this question is not simple. This is because when you get rid of the many craftsmen, it does not necessarily mean that you automatically saved money. On the contrary, in most cases you will give to professional afterwards double and triple, in your attempt to repair the defects.

Where we find most defects, are in the chimneys and generally in pipes that come out of the roof. They do not know how to properly insulate these points and so they trap the water in the back of a chimney. And they put mud to stop the water… and the dishonorable water passes through your house again. And then you wonder… but why?

Sometimes, it may happen! The water will enter the house, it will damage a piece of furniture, a plasterboard. However, there are cases with serious static problems, for fear that your house or a terrace will flatten.

And the professional roofers come and explain to you the mistake and ask you for the money they would have taken from the beginning (the ones you were sorry to give) for the construction plus the costs to remove the previous one.

Does it worth it to get into this adventure? You should call the right craftsman, Ridgewood roofing from the beginning and have you work done.

We, Ridgewood Roofing Roofers have undertaken hundreds of roof repairs that put water and we have given solutions to all of them. We guarantee the absolute tightness of your roof without moisture problems for life.

Ridgewood Gutter Installation

To shelter your property from rain, your roof needs strong and high-quality gutters. Gikas Ridgewood Roofers installs aluminium and Yankee gutters. A leaky roof and broken gutters will allow rain water flow where it shouldn’t and could cause severe damage to your property and health risks to your family.

Homeowners install gutters that are built into the roof and aren’t visible on the building’s exterior. Other homeowners choose aluminium gutters because they last longer. Ridgewood Roofing Roofers always test the new gutters installed on your home or business to ensure that they work properly.

Ridgewood Gutter Repair

Ridgewood Roofing Roofers is the best company for gutters repair. The water that builds up in your gutters, makes them sag and leak. The leaking water can even damage your home’s foundation and siding in a severe way.

To prevent these serious damages, we repair your gutters making them stronger and more resistant to rain and storms. We, at Ridgewood Roofing guarantee that our gutter installation or repair will be worth.

Trust Gikas Ridgewood Roofing Roofers

By choosing Gikas Ridgewood Roofing Roofers you will ensure that you won’t have moisture and mold problems, which can cause the destruction of sofas, wooden floors and wall tiles. The roof we will deliver to you will be a real piece of art with eternal durability and incomparable aesthetic.

We always make the correct choice of roofing materials for a properly constructed and insulated roof with impeccable aesthetics. We always deliver our projects on time and at the best price on market.

A well-built-roof is the only thing standing between your belongings and the elements of nature. At Ridgewood Roofers, we understand how critical it is to properly install your new roof. In addition to roof installations, we also provide roof repairs. Roofs take a beating from wind, rain, snow, and ice.

Performing maintenance and regular check-ups ensures your roof stays in top quality condition. As top-rated, certified roofing contractors, you can trust our team to repair and install your roof in New Jersey.

By choosing Ridgewood roofing you will have:

  • Correct choice of materials
  • Properly insulated tiled roof
  • Impeccable aesthetics
  • Consistency in the aforementioned delivery time
  • Always at the best market price

We, at Ridgewood roofing guarantee the absolute tightness of your tiled roof without moisture problems for life

In what kind of buildings are tiled roofs used?

The tiled roofs are divided, from the construction sides, into double-pitched, single-pitched, multi-pitched, tiled roofs on a sloping concrete level. The design of each roof, adapted to your space, will shape the time and cost of construction or repair of a tiled roof.

Ridgewood Roofing offers protection from all weather conditions

A properly insulated tile roof offers protection from rain, snow, hail, light and the heat of the sun.

Why does Ridgewood Roofing Roofers use tile on your roofs?

The tiled roof is the jewel of our house. Tile is a material that has many advantages. First of all, it is impermeable to water. At the same time it has the ability to breathe, while it is non-combustible. It also has a fairly large radiation capacity and outdoor temperature, being for centuries a traditional way of housing.

What is a Tiled Roof and why to choose it

Tiled roofs are the roofs of buildings that are made mainly of wooden base, on which the tiles are placed, giving the building personality and uniqueness.

Contact us for Ridgewood Roofing Roofers

Always according to your needs and desires, we will offer you an excellent result in Ridgewood roofing, flat roof Installation and repair in Ridgewood. By reconstructing your roof is a great way to protect your home and to increase its market value. Ridgewood Roofing Roofers services play one of the most important features of your home. It controls the temperature of your home, adds to its overall appearance and protects your family.

Upgrade your Ridgewood roofing, so you won’t have to worry about it again in your life. We, Ridgewood Roofers handle roofing, flat roof installation and repair services in Ridgewood with extra care and attention to the details. We provide you a free estimate for Gikas Ridgewood roofing, exceptional ideas and, of course, technical support after the completion of the project.

Ask for a quote today!


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