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How often should we repaint the walls?

It usually takes years before the paint starts to peel off the walls. If this happens within a short period of time after the painting is completed, it means that either the painting was not done in the right way, or poor quality materials were used, or the house is facing a big “enemy”, moisture!

Invest in good paint that will have the guarantee of long duration and the supplies to “fight” the “enemies” of the color, such as moisture.

Gikas advice is to renew the paint on your walls at least every 5 years.

Why repainting is necessary?

repaint - painting in Montclair

Beyond the aesthetic motivation to change the color in your home, an important factor is how much it protects from germs that develop.

Ensure the quality of the paint and its antimicrobial action. It is good to clean and disinfect the walls once a season or once every two years.

Use a solution of bleach in water and scrub the surfaces well. On the one hand, this will keep the color on your walls longer, but most importantly, it will disinfect any germs that settle over time and contribute to the development of allergies, or even small symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, etc.

Make sure, especially in the summer months, to ventilate the house every day for at least two hours. As for the winter season half an hour a day proves to be vital for the proper ventilation of the house from developing pollutants.

Tip that dispels “painting myths” of the past

Plants filter the air and ensure healthy breathing especially when it is difficult to ventilate the house as long as it should. Choose a suitable plant, after first consulting an expert who will recommend the right plant for you based on the square footage of your house but also depending on how many people live in the house.

It is always good to choose certified Eco-friendly paints for painting your home, as they offer significant advantages. First of all, they do not contain harmful – for humans – ingredients such as heavy metals and carcinogenic or toxic substances. Also, ecological paints contain a minimal amount of solvents, which is why they are either very low odor or odorless.

But that’s not all, you’re also doing good for the environment, as – compared to conventional, non-ecological products – certified Ecological paints pollute the environment minimally and help protect it.

And finally, you should not forget that certified Ecological paints are excellent quality products, as they carry the European Union certification, having been evaluated for their properties according to the strictest specifications by independent laboratories.

VECHRO is one of the most popular certified Ecological paints. Smaltoplast Silk is a particularly innovative product, as it is an Ecological, Hypoallergenic & Antimicrobial (Certified by the British Allergy Foundation) plastic interior paint. It also offers permanent anti-mold action.

All the above unique features made professional painters in Montclair highlight it & award it as “best paint of the year 2018”.

As a culmination of the above, it should be mentioned that specific Ecological Paints are being used more and more widely by contracting companies like Gikas.

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