10 Wall Painting Art Styles You Will Love!

Do you want to change the monotonous painting color of your wall, give personality to your space and escape for a while from the classic options? If you answered yes to these questions then you need to discover ten top wall painting art styles for the modern home!

Top wall painting techniques to add color to your life!

If you want to avoid the simple passing of color then it’s time to discover wonderful painting techniques! The choice will certainly not be easy.

We asked the rated Montclair painters to recommend the best ones and we singled out our favorites. So, see ten top wall painting techniques that will upgrade the aesthetics of your space!

1. The Italian “spugnato” painting technique

“Spugnato” or spuniato in Italian means sponge, which is where the specific painting technique got its name. This impressive technique needs effort and a way to get the desired result.

After the first coat of the base color you have chosen for your wall has been passed, you will need a second, slightly lighter shade and a sponge. The second color will be dabbed on with the sponge, forming a wonderful visual effect.

The sponge painting technique is ideal for the living room as well as the bedroom. Creating the impression that the wall is embossed gives it depth, upgrading the aesthetics of the space.

Feel free to choose your favorite color combination and try this painting technique on one spot to see if you like the final result.

2. Linen painting effect

This one is a less popular wall painting technique, but we really like it! If this painting technique is done in the right way, by professional painters in Montclair, the result will be more like a linen cloth than a wall.

Here you will need two shades of the same color, with a large deviation, and a brush with very stiff bristles. First, the light color is applied and after it dries, it is applied with the dark one.

When the dark is still fresh, the painter, with careful movements, forms vertical and horizontal lines on the wall with the brush. There are many alternatives to this style, so you have a very wide range of options to choose from!

Like spugnato, the linen effect gives the impression that the wall is textured. This is a very new wall technique that rightfully claims its place in the modern room. It goes perfectly with striped details and shades of light blue.

3. Striped walls


Striped patterns were, are, and will always be very popular with the public precisely because they can be adapted to all styles and tastes. From a simple soft two-tone color to numerous bold colors and shades, stripes can add “personality” to a room.

To get the result you want, you have to be particularly careful in many places, from the choice of wall colors to the thickness of the stripe and determining its direction. Our favorite summer home decor trend 2023 is the combination of white with different shades of blue and light blue. The nautical style brightens up the room and will cheer you up!

Tip: Stripes are an ideal choice for the children’s bedroom since they immediately give the room a lively mood. Of course, you can also prefer this painting technique for your bedroom, always paying attention to the sizes. We recommend that you avoid very fine lines because there is a risk that they will make you dizzy in the long run!

4. Use of Stencils

Stencils are nothing more than plastic films with different designs that allow you to paint between their gaps and fill your wall with wonderful images. In the market, you can find stencils for all tastes and styles.

Of the techniques of painting with stencils, our personal favorite is the depiction of geometric patterns in a retro style, which has even come into vogue. On the plus side, it is worth mentioning that it is also a particularly economical solution.

5. Imitation of wood

From the floors and the frames to the walls, imitation of wood is one of the painting techniques that has been very popular with the public.

This particular technique needs a little more attention because if it is not done with an emphasis on detail, the result can easily disappoint. There are many ways to achieve a very realistic result, but we would advise you not to do it yourself. Contact Gikas Contracting now!

6. Ombre painting technique

Ombre is a wall technique that became known, above all, from the female world of beauty. Starting from the nails and the hair, this technique has become very popular on the walls of the modern home.

It is based on the harmonious connection and alternation of different color shades. A dark shade usually opens to lighten the edges of a surface. However, given the alternation of colors, both special attention and experience are required for the result to be perfect.

Spring and summer are the best times to paint the house. So, if you’re thinking of renewing your space, don’t hesitate to look for more ideas about this wonderful technique!

7. Harlequin Wall Art

Rhombuses on the walls are not just a shape that gives life and intensity to the room. This is a special painting technique that reminds us of united diamonds.

The Harlequin painting technique is not difficult to implement if you have the right tools. If you want to apply this technique, keeping the style of the space seriously, you can choose two colors with minimal contrast between them.

This way, the effect will be clearly visible, but it will not tire the eye as time goes by. You can choose the Harlequin painting style for just one wall of the room you want to update if you just want to add a more special touch.

8. Checkerboard Effect

The checkerboard pattern is quite a bit more common than the Harlequin. Although less “capricious” it is still a special choice for the wall of your room. If you are a fan of minimal or industrial-style decoration then this wall painting art is ideal for your style.

Its application is quite easy, however, it needs very careful measurements and attention to detail. Do you want to achieve an intense and lively result? Do not hesitate to choose bright colors with high contrast between them. For a more timeless and refined result, prefer softer shades.

9. Wall graphics

Wall graphics have countless variations. Some of them look quite similar to stencils but present one important difference. There are countless stencils, but sometimes it can be difficult to find exactly what wallpaper you want.

Thanks to wall graphics, however, you can get exactly the design and color you want through digital printing.

You can print the design you want on a sticker or ask an experienced painter in Montclair to copy the design on the wall of your house. In this case, you should be particularly careful with your design and choice because it will be much more difficult to change than a simple stencil.

10. Plastic bag wall painting technique

This painting technique has been discovered and conquered its audience quite recently. The result is quite reminiscent of the one with the sponge, i.e. the Italian spugnato. The process is mostly the same. You should choose two colors or even better two close shades of the same color.

First, you should apply the first color and wait for it to dry. Once this is done, it will be time to apply the second color. While it is still fresh you will need to develop your painting talent. Tie the bag to a paint roller and run it over the wall where you want to implement this special painting technique.

We hope to inspire you! Do you want to change the color of your wall with a special painting style? Register your work, ask Gikas for a free estimate, and make the choice that perfectly suits your needs & budget!

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