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Hoboken Roofing Roofers NJ 07030

At Gikas Hoboken Roofing Roofers NJ 07030, we specialize in roofing installation and repair in Hoboken NJ 07030 and the whole Essex county. Having the desirable experience we are able to ensure top quality in our roofing constructions and guarantee that we will fulfil our agreement successfully.

We aim to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your roof and turn it into what you have always dreamed of. Our passion drives us forward and our customers trust us vision!


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you and your workmen did painting and repairing our home. The attention to detail and the general neatness of the crew speaks to the quality of your workmanship.

Our technicians, Hoboken Roofing Roofers provide their services with consistency, professionalism and respect for your property. We provide excellent correlation of prices and roofing services. Hoboken Roofers pay attention to the detail to achieve the desirable result.

Take a look at our roofing and gutter finished projects on the beautiful homes around Elysian Park. See more of our projects along Park Avenue, Willow Avenue and Clinton St.

Hoboken Residential and Commercial Roofing

Trust Hoboken Roofing Roofers if your roof needs desperately roof repair or a new roof installation. Hoboken Roofers is here to protect your investment and property. We are the only professionals that can bring your home to its full beauty and value without changing its unique architecture.

Call us for a free estimate and we will arrange a meeting at your place to inspect your roof and evaluate your needs individually.

If your residential or commercial roof needs repair, our team of experts will evaluate the existing structure and decide the best option to solve the underlying problem.

Do you need a new roof installation? We will suggest all best possible options in order to find the one that suits your needs.

Gikas Hoboken Roofing Roofers in NJ

Roof Installation

Hoboken Roofing Roofers specializes in installing roofs and gutters in Montclair NJ. Following the plan we agreed, we will instal the roof you chose for your residential or commercial property. You can either decide on pitched roof or flat roof installation.

Our experienced roofers will examine your roof carefully, discuss with you all possible options for roof installation or roof repair, and schedule with our team the roofing process. Our company Gikas Hoboken Roofing Roofers in Montclair NJ give value to your property!

Gikas Hoboken Roof Repair

Every owner wants to protect and improve their everlasting property, their home. Repairing your roof may increase your home duration, functionality and certainly make it worth more over time. Roof repair is a very important process and you should hire only professionals. Otherwise, it may cause significant damage to the interior of your home or business.

Wondering, “if there is Hoboken roofing near me?” Do not wonder any more. Hoboken Roofing Roofers are always by your side in Hoboken NJ! We consider your Hoboken roof repair seriously, among with our other Gikas Montclair roofing and we handle it with extra care and attention.

Gutter Installation

To organise the correct steps in order to repair your roof properly, we first need to understand what kind of problems your roof is facing. We will by no means rush to remove the roofing materials until all water and sewer pipes have been examined.

If you want to shelter your property from rain, your roof needs strong and high-quality gutters. Hoboken Roofing Roofers installs both aluminium and Yankee gutters.

Homeowners generally prefer Yankee gutters that are a drainage system inconspicuously built into the roof so that it isn’t visible along the roofline of the house. This kind of roofing is mostly preferred in Victorian home restoration projects. Others choose aluminium gutters since they last longer. We, at Hoboken roofing always tests the new gutters that we install on your roof to ensure their functionality.

Gutter Repair

Gikas Hoboken Roofing Roofers is the most preferable company for gutters repair in New Jersey. To prevent flooding it is important to keep the down spouts clear of debris and the lining of the Yankee gutter intact. Although difficult to maintain at times, built-in gutters add character and class to homes with older and historic architecture. If your roofs gutters do not work properly, the leaking water can even damage your home’s foundation and siding.

Yankee gutters require periodical repairs. Regular inspection of the liner is the best ways to maintain gutters life, as the metal helps to protect the wood from mildew and moisture.

To prevent serious damages, we repair your gutters making them stronger and more resistant to rain and storms. At Hoboken Roofing Roofers we pay serious attention to the signs. Some of them indicate gutter repair. We specifically pay attention to the paint peeling off the facing of the gutter, darkened sections of the wood that reveal moist to the touch, or damage to the masonry surrounding the gutter system. We guarantee that our gutter installation or repair will worth your investment.

Trust Hoboken Roofing Roofers NJ 07030

A well maintained roof is the only thing standing between your belongings and the elements of nature. At Hoboken Roofers, we understand how critical it is to properly repair your existing roof or install your new roof. For more than 30 years, we have been providing residential and commercial roofing services to keep your home’s roofs safe.

Roofs constantly face various weather conditions like wind, rain, heat, snow and ice. Performing regular maintenance ensures that your roof and gutters remain at a good condition. Since we are top-rated and certified roofing contractors, you can trust us to repair and install your roof in Hoboken Roofing Roofers NJ 07030.

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