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Franklin Roofing Roofers NJ 07416

Gikas Franklin Roofing Roofers has been providing exceptional services in Franklin Roofing NJ 07416 and the whole Essex county. Having experience in the construction of roofs of various ways of coverage, we propose solutions according to the needs of each building in order to have a long-term satisfactory result. The choice of roof covering can have a significant impact on the final look of the house. We manufacture roofs of houses of high standards having experience in all available ways of coverage.


Our experience with Gikas painting was fantastic. They had a vision for our home that far exceeded our expectations and they completed that vision within our budget.

The love and passion for our work are what differentiate us and make us the first of our kind in Franklin. The many years of experience we have, the experienced trained technical staff as well as the modern mechanical equipment guarantee the best possible result near you. You can see our roofing projects near Wallkill Country Club. See some more of our projects along Maple Road, Cork Hill Road, Rutherford Avenue.

Franklin Residential and Commercial Roofing

Contact Gikas Franklin Roofing Roofers if your property needs roof repair or a new roof installation. Gikas Franklin Roofers will help you protect your investment and property and bring your home to its full beauty and value. Call us to make an appointment and we will come to your home or business to inspect your roof and evaluate your needs individually.

If your residential or commercial roof needs repair, our team of experts will evaluate the existing structure and decide the best option that suits your needs to solve the underlying problem. If you need a new roof installation, we will suggest to you all the best options in order to find the perfect for your property.

Gikas Franklin Roofing Roofers

Franklin Roof Installation

Gikas Franklin Roofing Roofers specializes in installing both pitch and flat roofs in Franklin, New Jersey. In conciliation with you, we will choose the best roof for your residential or commercial property. Home owners usually choose pitch roofs and business owners prefer flat roofs.

Our projects are trusted by individuals in both homes and professional spaces in Franklin. We manufacture roofs of houses many years in all available ways and we can cover your high standards. We offer solutions based on the best result for you and always keeping on mind your desire at the best cost possible. Trust Franklin Roofing and Roofers in Montclair to give value to your property!

Franklin Roof Repair

Every homeowner wants to protect and improve the value of their most expensive asset, their home. Now is the time to think about your roofing.  Repairing your roof may increase what your home is worth and certainly will help you maintain the value that it already has. Franklin roof repair is a very important process and if is not done properly can cause significant damage to your roof.

Do you ever wonder if there is there Franklin roofing near me? Stop wondering, because we, Franklin Roofers, are always near you! We handle your Franklin roof repair, among with our other Gikas Montclair roofing,  with extra care and with our uncompromised attention.

Franklin Gutter Installation

Gutter installation is essential for a home or a business. The gutter is a means of protecting the building and specifically the walls from deterioration due to water. Moisture that can be caused by a leak or a damaged gutter is likely to cause flaking or more serious damage to plaster on walls or even health problems.

The frequent maintenance of the gutter is necessary to avoid problems that can be caused by moisture on the exterior surfaces of the building but also on the interior, if water soaks the surfaces for a long time. The cost of repairing the damage caused by a malfunctioning gutter can be high. Gikas Franklin Roofing Roofers installs aluminium and Yankee gutters.

Homeowners install Yankee gutters that are built into the roof and aren’t visible on the building’s exterior. Other homeowners choose aluminium gutters because they last longer. Gikas Franklin Roofing Roofers always tests the new gutters installed on your home or business to ensure that they work properly.

Franklin Gutter Repair

Gikas Franklin Roofing Roofers has experienced technicians who may check, maintain and even replace your gutter. Where necessary, repairs are made, such as changing supports, installing grilles for leaves and other contaminants, as well as sealing holes or cracks. In cases of heavy wear and many cracks, a complete replacement can be recommended. We, at Gikas Franklin Roofing Roofers guarantee that our gutter installation or repair will be worth.

Trust Gikas Franklin Roofers

Always according to your needs and desires, we will offer you an excellent result in roofing, flat roof installation & repair in Franklin. The reconstruction your roof is a great way to protect your home and to increase its market value. Roofing is one of the most important features of your home. It controls the temperature of your home, adds to its overall appearance and, of course, protects you.

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