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Clifton Roofing Roofers NJ 07013

Providing professional service and quality results, Clifton Roofing Roofers NJ 07013 is the company you need in Clifton roofing. Gikas Clifton Roofing Roofers serves home and business owners throughout the Essex county town for almost 40 years. Our customers throughout the years are claiming that we exceed their project expectations and our prices are always guaranteed.


To say our house has been transformed is an understatement. Our “armadillo” neutral beige house is now a gorgeous old Victorian with the elegance and richness of it’s original design.

We add value to your residential or commercial roofing providing gutter installation and repair. Our professional technicians manufacture roofs of high standards that meet the requirements of our customers from start to finish. You can see our roofing and gutter repair projects on the beautiful homes around Morris Canal Park and Nature Reserve.

See more of our finished projects along Clifton Avenue, Mt Prospect Avenue and Van Houten Avenue. If you wonder if there is a Clifton roofing company near me, you need to stop wondering, because we are by your side always!

Clifton Residential and Commercial Roofing

Trust Gikas Clifton Roofing Roofers if your property needs roof repair or a new roof installation. Our professionals have you covered! Call us to make an appointment and we will come to your home or business to inspect your roof and evaluate your needs individually. If your residential or commercial roof needs repair, our team of experts will evaluate the existing structure and decide the best option that suits your needs to solve the underlying problem.

If you need a new roof installation, we will suggest to you all the best options to find the one for you. After your roofing evaluation, Gikas Clifton Roofing will provide you with an accurate estimation including time and cost, before starting any project! We will help you find the perfect solution for your roofing in Clifton!

Gikas Clifton Roofing Roofers

Energy roofing or energy efficient houses are the houses that are designed and built according to the new Building Performance Regulation.

The high thermal insulation, the absence of thermal bridges and the high air tightness protect the energy houses from humidity and temperature changes and give the construction an unlimited life time. Our company offers its customers energy class A + roof that provides lower energy consumption up to 70%.

The cost of investing in an energy roof may be higher than in a compatible home, but the low operating costs make such a building more economical throughout its life.

When we, Clifton Roofing Roofers mean that a roof is energy it means that it is 100% thermally insulated without interrupting its thermal insulation. This is achieved because on the entire surface of the wooden roof you place a specially patented thermal insulation material of 7 cm with fringes without thermal break made of extruded polystyrene with special movements for the easy placement of the tiles with glue. This means that no logs are placed on the roof and the insulation from the logs is not interrupted so that there are losses.

In this way we, Clifton Roofers succeed in converting a roof into energy with uniform thermal insulation, without thermal bridge and 70% savings in heating your home. This material is specially patented and certified.

At Clifton Roofing Roofers, we specialize in creating roofs, tiled roofs and pergolas throughout Clifton and New Jersey towns.

Clifton Roof Installation

Gikas Clifton Roofing Roofers specializes in installing both pitch and flat roofs in Clifton, New Jersey. In conciliation with you, we will choose the best roof for your residential or commercial property. Home owners usually choose pitch roofs and business owners prefer Clifton flat roof.

Our Clifton Roofing Roofers will examine your roof thoroughly, recommend the best option for Clifton roof installation, and schedule with our team the whole process. Trust Clifton Roofing and Roofers in order to give value to your property!

If you want to make a safe and energy efficient roof, the roof construction must have:

  • Protection from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer
  • Fire protection as the roof structure consists mainly of wood
  • Protection from external noises

For increased energy efficiency and durability of the entire roof construction system, it is important to fill the gap between the beams with insulation of suitable thickness relative to the climate zone to which the building belongs.

Clifton Roof Repair

If you are in need of roof repair, call the roofing experts at Gikas Clifton Roofers to fix your leaking roof immediately. Leaks may result in dangerous mold problems. Our reliable roof repair experts are the best professionals to hire in Clifton. We can handle every Clifton roof repair case, every day of the year!

Take advantage of our experienced staff and repair your roof, so you won’t have to worry about it again in your life. We consider your roof repair in Clifton very seriously, among other Gikas Montclair Roofing, and we handle it with our full attention and care.

Clifton Gutter Installation

To shelter your properly from rain, your roof needs strong and high-quality gutters. Gikas Clifton Roofing Roofers installs aluminum and Yankee gutters. A leaky roof and broken gutters will allow rain water flow where it shouldn’t and could cause severe damage to your property and health risk to you and your family.

Homeowners install Yankee gutters that are built into the roof and aren’t visible on the building’s exterior. Other homeowners choose aluminum gutters because they last longer. Gikas Clifton roofing roofers always tests the new gutters installed on your home or business to ensure that they work properly.

Clifton Gutter Repair

Gikas Clifton Roofing Roofers is the best company for gutters repair. The water that builds up in your gutters, makes them sag and leak. The leaking water can even damage your home’s foundation and siding in a severe way. To prevent these serious damages, we repair your gutters making them stronger and more resistant to rain and storms. At Clifton Roofing we guarantee that our gutter installation or repair will be worth.

Other services – Clifton Roofing Roofers

Our company, Clifton Roofing has been active since 1980 in the field of painting, roofing, flooring, carpentry and hardwood. We also manufacture decks, kiosks, barbecues, floors, stairs and various wooden and stone constructions. The many years of experience we Clifton Roofing Roofers have, the experienced trained technical staff as well as the modern mechanical equipment guarantee the best possible result.

We, Clifton Roofers are proud because behind our projects we have a guarantee of satisfaction, gaining the respect and admiration of our customers. We undertake and carry out large projects. We undertake the construction of any roof and tile roof according to your needs and your taste. High quality constructions with high durability and aesthetic perfection, quality materials and modern design. Our projects are trusted by individuals, public services and construction companies. Do not hesitate to contact us to undertake your own construction.

Why choose Gikas Clifton Roofing Roofers?

By choosing Gikas Clifton Roofing Roofers you will ensure that you won’t have moisture and mold problems, which can cause the destruction of sofas, wooden floors and wall tiles. The roof we will deliver to you will be a real piece of art with eternal durability and incomparable appearance.

We always make the correct choice of roofing materials for a properly constructed and insulated roof with impeccable aesthetics. We always deliver our projects on time and at the best price on market. Call us anytime you need us for Clifton roofing!

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