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Gikas painting, a well-known company in Montclair that undertakes South Orange Painting Painters NJ 07079 interior & exterior painting. We can offer you a couple of ideas about painting your interior and exterior place in South Orange and the nearby New Jersey towns. South Orange Painters is counting over 40 years of experience in decorating residential places, so it is considered to be a master in exterior and interior painting as well.

You may have a look at our portfolio in order to see our services, which are of high aesthetic value and functionality, always according to your particular desires and needs.

Why do you need Exterior & Interior Painting in South Orange?

There are three very important reasons to paint your home, which put second place the hassle in the space that have such work. It is the maintenance of your property, the renewal of your air and your daily life and the opportunity for renovation.

1. Maintenance of your home

The first reason to paint your home is its maintenance. If you see that the walls of your house are worn, their color has peeled or faded, if they show mold or moisture, then proceed immediately to paint your space. Good South Orange Painting Painters together with all the repair painting work of the wall substrates contributes to the quality maintenance of your house, so do not leave your walls for many years without renewing the paint.

2. Make your home more beautiful

The second reason to paint your home is because you want to live in a beautiful, clean and tidy environment. As much as you are careful not to soil the walls, the pollution of the environment, the water vapor from the kitchen cooking, the smoke from the fireplace settle on the surfaces and create a layer of dirt that is not easy to clean, without causing damage to the surfaces.

In addition, a renewal of color will have a very positive effect on our mood, as colors are proven to stimulate emotions. So why not even make a radical color change? Your home will look more vibrant, beautiful, clean and modern.

3. A smart & easy way to renovate

Another reason for painting your home is renovation. Painting the house is a simple and economical solution for renovation that will give another air to your space. You can choose to do a total renovation so you will renew the colors of your entire house with South Orange Painting Painters NJ 07079.

You can also proceed to separate South Orange Painting Painters, such as kitchen, bedrooms, living room. The results with the painting of the walls are seen immediately and beautify not only the house but also our life.

South Orange Exterior Painting

Definitely choosing a light cream shade on the exterior walls can give the house a sense of nobility. Light gives volume and size, South Orange Painting Painters NJ 07079, say. A white house visually shows us bigger. Of course, the whole house does not need to be painted one color. If you want to play with two colors, you should know that the successful combination in the right places is what will make the difference. But it needs attention where each color will be placed.

In case of combining two colors, it is better to follow the following rule:

Paint in a darker color the surface of the wall that is receding in the front, that is, further back. For example, on a covered terrace or a covered balcony, the shaded wall can be painted a different color, darker or even more intense than the rest of the house. In this way you achieve a more pleasant and harmonious result as the eye better understands the arrangement of the tumors without getting confused.

Also, a whole volume that stands out from the main body of the building can have a different color, such as the exterior of the staircase in an apartment building. The modern architectural trend in recent years is to use color not as a decorative element of the building but as an important element to highlight the architectural composition of the building. Thus, certain building blocks, such as columns and beams, are painted in specific colors.

A typical example of this trend is the color we see today in apartment buildings of the 70’s and 80’s. The frame of the building is painted in shades of gray or green and the walls in shades of white.

Modern trends in the painting of exterior walls

Other modern trends in the painting of exterior walls highlight the details of the building, such as gutters, chimneys, etc. that stand out from the main body of the building, and are painted in a different shade giving an elegant result.

Painted windows and doors in olive green, cypress, gray or in the natural shade of hot wood or even cold aluminium also create an interesting color change on the exterior wall facades. Even the frames painted in different colors besides white are interesting in appearance, claim South Orange Painting Painters NJ 07079.

South Orange Painting exterior walls

Another thing that we must take into account when choosing exterior wall colors is the bioclimatic factor. To be clear, you should know that facades that are “seen” more by the sun, e.g south or west that are not shaded in the summer months, should be painted in light colors. And this is necessary in order for the exterior walls to reflect and not absorb heat, heating the interior of the house even more.

If the property is old and has the architecture of an older era, then it is worth spending some time to highlight its elements with colors that match the houses of that time. Also, if you like your neighborhood and want to support a common style, then you can get ideas from the neighboring houses and choose a color for the facade of your house that will enhance the image of your area in South Orange.

South Orange Interior painting

The choice of colors can play a vital role in giving a rich personality to your home. The choice of color depends on the location, size and function of your space. Each color has its own characteristics, such as light colors where they are considered to grow and give light to small rooms while dark ones are mainly to create the feeling in large rooms.

When choosing a color scheme, choose according to the architecture of the space and the choice should be with the colors you can live with them. Before starting the project, you need to decide if you want the basic colors, neutral, vivid or you want to create a strong visual impression. Some features of different colors are below where you can choose which ones suit your spaces.

The basic colors are considered to be the basis for the other colors. These are related to comics, contemporary art and pop art. You can see different shades such as red, green, blue and yellow. It is a wonderful experience to apply a basic color to the walls. Especially when it comes to bright yellow that brings radiance and brightness, suitable for specific areas, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Both the bathroom and the kitchen are the areas that face the most wear so use paints that are easy to wash and clean, South Orange Painters advise.

Interior Painting in South Orange NJ 07079

Bright are the colors that come from the spectrum of light and when we talk about light and bright colors for interior painting in the house it means that these colors create a visual impression of brightness in our space. These colors are very attractive for living rooms and some wall hanging paintings. It does not matter if the ceiling is high or low, but white can obviously increase the height of the room. White is ideal for walls that can be painted.

Bright colors like green, and blue are very cool for the bedroom and ideal to create a cool and calm effect. For the study room or home library, green and brown are the best colors to use. If you want bright colors for your kitchen in South Orange NJ 07079, then go for gray on the walls, which makes a great combination with stainless steel. Natural colors are the combination of colors associated with nature. Natural colors can be used in bedrooms for harmony in the space. You can also combine them with soft or neutral colors, as we, South Orange Painting Painters suggest.

To give a strong character to your space, you can choose rich bright and dark colors for the walls of your rooms. Such colors are red, green, blue and orange that can add features of warmth and relaxed atmosphere to your room. These colors have the power to create a space suitable for your personality. There are many different styles of decorating your walls. We single out some like the sponge style, the stucco Venetiano style, you can decorate a wall by creating a blackboard.

Trust Gikas South Orange Painting Painters for the interior and the exterior of your home in order to add value to your property, in case you want to sell it in the future!

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