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Our painting company has been painting and restoring older homes in Bloomfield, NJ, and surrounding towns since the early 1980’s. Our work philosophy, known by our customers as GIKAS WIZARD, is creatively carried from project to project, enhancing your home with texture, colors, and details to restore its charming properties.

Why Choose Bloomfield Painters in South Jersey?

Absolute and uncompromising attention is given to preparing your home for painting. We stand by our work with a complete warranty, as well. We offer some of the most desired services in the industry. Top of the list is the removal of old aluminum siding and restore the original architectural look and feel. Our finished projects are at E Passaic Ave in Bloomfield, NJ 07003. Adding a new deck or restoring an old one will add more functionality to your home and allow you to enjoy your home. We will color match or coordinate your colors and use fine detail for interior and exterior painting. Along with wood or tile floors, Gikas Painting Bloomfield Painters will help you bring your home to its full beauty and value.

Bloomfield InteriorPainting

Interior painting in Bloomfield can completely transform your home’s look and feel. Our professional Bloomfield painters understand how hard it can be to find the time to paint your house. That’s why we’ll handle it all from beginning to end.

A small task for us is a big step for renewing your space and daily life. By changing the color of a room, you ensure a quick and economical upgrade of your living or working space.

For Gikas Painting, even a small-scale job, such as painting the room of an apartment, a house, or an office, can radically transform your home.

Quality interior painting is what we do best!

Add color with Bloomfield Interior Painting

You need to renovate your space without having to spend a fortune. We have said that the best and cheapest way is to change the position of your furniture.

But if you want to make your space livelier and brighter, you need more. A little color!

You do not need to paint entire walls to see the difference. Change the energy of your bedroom and turn it into a modern sanctuary with the help of the appropriate colors.

The bedroom is the focus of every home as it is where our day begins and ends and where we calm down and relax.

However, soft fabrics, a comfortable mattress and large closets are not enough to give the space a feeling of warmth and comfort if not combined with the appropriate colors. Color, after all, is an element that perfectly defines the style of any space.

Why Should You Hire Professional Painters?


If many years have passed since the last time you painted your home, the colors have faded, or you have peeling walls, then a fresh coat of paint is necessary.

Choose Bloomfield interior painting by Bloomfield Painters.


With so many colors, designs, and ideas you see around you every day, you are a little jealous and want a new modern color on your walls. Our interior painters can help you make the best decision for your home.


Painting is the best choice whether you renovate your space or radically make small changes.

A well-kept space looks younger, more well-maintained, and can look bigger, brighter, and more stylish with the proper techniques.

If you will take advantage of a space, whether a house, a shop, or even a holiday house, for a while, then you need a quality Bloomfield interior painting expert to help you beautify your space.

We’re the right professional painters to hire.

What Spaces Need Painting Services in New Jersey?

Whether or not your space needs a painting update and what tools it will take to complete the job depends on the space in question.

To receive a complete quote for your painting project, we recommend writing down the exact space you need help from a Bloomfield interior painter, the square meters of the space, and whether or not ceilings are included in the project.

From there, we can provide you with a fair estimate.

Bloomfield Exterior Painting

Gikas Bloomfield Painters is ready to get started on your exterior painting project. Choosing the right colors can be one of the most complex parts of the job so we can do this together.

Our professional exterior Bloomfield painters can guarantee the quality you expect for your home.

You can choose the right paint, material, and even specific protective measures required for your exterior painting project with our help. We’re here to help you make the best choice for a competitive price.

We live in Bloomfield city!

For areas with increased pollution, such as cities, 100% acrylic paint is the appropriate solution, as it offers increased resistance to air pollution and weather conditions (sun, rain), offering a long life to the paint.

Today, there are advanced 100% acrylic paints that, thanks to their unique technology, also show excellent resistance to the deposition of dust and dirt on the painted surface.

For a cleaner surface, choose Bloomfield exterior painters.

Season Resistant Painting

Due to the significant temperature differences in areas such as mountains (from night today and from winter to summer), the paint’s surface “cracks,” and small cracks and capillaries are created.

The appropriate solution is to elasticize insulation via our Bloomfield exterior painting services. This seals them and protects the outer wall from their future recurrence, even in extreme weather conditions due to its high elasticity.

The Advantages of Painting the Exterior

By choosing Gikas Bloomfield Painting Painters NJ for the painting of your Exterior, you offer several advantages in your space, such as:

Maintenance and Protection

By painting your property, you face corrosion from use and moisture, fading and discoloration, peeling of paint layers, cracks, etc.

Aesthetic Grooming

Thanks to our experience, our variety of decorative designs, and our ability in the full range of styles allows us to guarantee you an aesthetic result, as classic or as advanced as you wish.

Upgrade and Renovation

From the complete renovation of a house to the small interventions and changes, painting is the most immediate way to show and emphasize an upgrade to your property.

Value Increase

Upgrading your property with a careful painting upgrade ensures the perfect finish. Create more value for your property with a high-quality paint job!

As painting contractors, we take our work very seriously. We enjoy every minute of your project, from the initial consultation to the final piece of trim. Please take this opportunity to view our projects.

What other services do your painting contractors provide?

Apart from painting, interior painting, exterior painting, roofing, flooring and carpentry services, we can provide the following services for you:

  • Home Restoration Bloomfield NJ
  • Victorian Restoration Bloomfield NJ
  • Gutters Bloomfield NJ
  • Porches Bloomfield NJ
  • Decks Bloomfield NJ
  • Siding Bloomfield NJ
  • Free Estimates Bloomfield NJ

Painting Services in New Jersey

For any painting project, contact us at +1 9738357775, make an appointment, and we will provide you with a professional estimate.

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