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Our company, Gikas Painting can offer you high quality services in Cranford Painting Painters NJ 07016, exterior & interior painting in Cranford and nearby towns. With over 40 years of experience in exterior & interior painting , our company has mastered exterior & interior painting  in Cranford, New Jersey. You can check out our projects in order to take a good look of a our work. We offer painting services that combine quality with high aesthetic value according to your wants and needs.

Aesthetic gives the building value and personality!

We, at Cranford Painting Painters usually choose colors and combinations for the interior of the house, the bedroom, the living room, the children’s room and even for the bathroom or the kitchen. However, the trend of our time, through which our need is also expressed, demands that the buildings have colors and, to be precise, a combination of colors. You can choose combinations for Cranford exterior painting, with shades from almost the entire color palette.

Why do you need Exterior & Interior Painting in Cranford?

The first reason to paint your home is its maintenance. Cranford Painting Painters exterior & interior painting can help you with that. If you see that the walls of your house are worn, their colour has peeled or faded, if they show mold or moisture, then proceed immediately to paint your space. Good painting together with all the repair work of the wall substrates contributes to the quality maintenance of your house, so do not leave your walls for many years without renewing the paint.

The second reason to paint your home is because you want to live in a beautiful, clean and tidy environment. As much as you are careful not to soil the walls, the pollution of the environment, the water vapour from the kitchen cooking, the smoke from the fireplace settle on the surfaces and create a layer of dirt that is not easy to clean, without causing damage to the surfaces.

Another reason for painting your home is renovation. Cranford Painting the house is a simple and economical solution for renovation that will give another air to your space. You can choose to make a total renovation so you will renew the colours of your entire house, but you can also proceed to individual painting, such as kitchen, bedrooms, living room.

Exterior painting in Cranford

Painting the exterior walls of the house is an investment for the property, as it is a very important technical work for its renewal and maintenance that must be done every 5-10 years. With the external Cranford painting a property acquires proper aesthetics, high protection from sunshine and humidity but also durability over time.

Exterior painting concerns all the external surfaces of our house, from the plastered or concrete facades of the property, balcony ceilings, wooden or metal protective railings, external wooden or metal doors, wooden pergolas, to the external protective stones. We, at Cranford Painting Painters can promise you that we will achieve the ideal result that will aim at aesthetic superiority and durability over time!

Before applying the paint, we scrape and remove hollow plasters, peels of older paint to completely clean the wall. If there is deep corrosion of the surface, then the removal of loose materials may expose the brick or iron bars. In this case, the damage is repaired and new plastering is done, before we proceed to the oil painting.If we do not have deep corrosion, but only cracks and shallow holes, then we plaster wherever there is damage.

Cranford exterior painting options

Exterior paints are completely different from indoor paints. Each material on the facade and exterior walls also needs a different type of paint. In the case of wood, aluminum, plastic, or plaster, these components have their own type of paint and their own material for painting. There are many paints on the market especially for exterior walls, which protect as they are not affected by the environment, temperature changes, air pollutants and sunlight.

Use colors of the natural beauty of your yard in Cranford NJ 07016. Look out your window and let nature be your inspiration for choosing the color of your patio. The color of the sky, a large tree in your yard or even the grass, can become the samples of colors you were looking for. The shades of intense green and blue will “enliven” your terrace, bringing it in harmony with the colors of nature. A light brown on the floor becomes an extension of the natural soil.

Exterior wall colors combinations make sure the exterior walls are in good condition. Do not wait to see signs of wear to paint your Cranford home exterior. The painting of the exterior walls, at the right time, with the right products, in beautiful color combinations contributes to the protection of the building, to the saving of resources, to the hygiene of its inhabitants and to its high aesthetics. Still wondering if you should paint your home exterior? Call us at +1 973-835-7775 for technical advice. We will be happy to serve you.

Interior painting in Cranford

Painting the interior is a smart and economical way to renew your home your mood, but it is also necessary for the proper maintenance of each space. Before choosing the color, you should know that for Cranford interior painting, plastic paints and watercolors are the main choices, with plastic paints having the dominant position. In addition to the plastic paint, you will need a plastic paint primer (substrate) and putties.

Most plastic paints are also available in different glosses, in matte, satin or glossy finish. Gloss is an important factor. The same shade may look different to the eye in matte and different in satin finish, so you should pay attention to this issue as well.

The colors with matte finish have a subtle gloss and cover any imperfections that may be present on the wall surfaces. They are easy to repair and are ideal for places with heavy use, such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. Also, the matte finish is suitable for application on ceilings, due to the minimal reflection.

The preparation of the surface to be painted and the use of the appropriate substrate is a determining factor for the final result after painting. Substrates, or commonly primers, are available for troweled surfaces, as well as for plaster or drywall application. Substrates reduce imperfections, enhance the adhesion of the paint and prevent the appearance of old stains on the surface to be painted.

If you already have a special element in the space you want to highlight, such as a piece of furniture, a rug or a work of art, then you can choose a color for the walls from the palette of this element, or in a shade that gives a soft effect, or in a shade that contrasts, for a more vibrant result.

Impressive flawless result that will last over time

Preparation of Cranford interior painting

When it comes to painting the interior of a house that is inhabited, undoubtedly the first step for an aesthetically pleasing result is the proper preparation of the space. As professionals, we at Cranford Painting Painters always pay special attention to the thorough coverage of all surfaces such as floors, stairs and properly insulate all furniture and appliances before painting the house. Let us not forget that the goal is to upgrade the aesthetics of the house and not in the end with a rough painting and rough preparation to do the opposite.

Repair of surfaces when painting a house

It is necessary to emphasize the treatment of problems that cause constant wear on the masonry. One of the most common problems in homes is humidity. After resolving the damage caused by moisture then, before painting the house, it is necessary to follow the appropriate work on the surface of the walls. The placement of selected materials will prevent similar problems in the future, and the repetition of the Cranford interior painting process in a short time.

Required equipment for Cranford interior painting

Tools for scrubbing surfaces, repairing and finally for painting the house is a factor that many do not pay attention to. Proper house painting requires the painting tools not to be damaged so that the surfaces are painted smoothly and no two-tones and imperfections are created. We have all the necessary equipment such as airless machines, giraffe (sander) and water jet machine so that we can offer any painting method and the result is exactly what you ask regardless of area and surface.

Choosing suitable paint materials for your home

The market rule “What you pay, you get” applies to paint materials. In order for the color to last over time, it is important to choose branded colors, which are suitable for the specific space. For Cranford exterior painting this factor is even more important as extensive sun exposure, rain and all weather conditions play a crucial role in preserving the color. In each project we choose our materials carefully and we never sacrifice quality for a more economical solution.

Experience in house painting

Every job has its difficulties and obstacles are always created that our experience of 30 years and our know-how in the science of colors gives us the confidence that in the end we will have an impeccably aesthetic coloring result which will leave you completely satisfied and us proud once again for the work we offer.

If you are thinking of painting the interior or exterior of your home, please contact us so that we can estimate the cost of the work and find a solution for your space needs. Call us for a free estimate.

We, at Cranford Painting Painters can easily choose different colors in each room, but what we are interested in is the color transition from one room to another to flow smoothly giving a harmonious and balanced whole. Especially if a room is more visible from other rooms of the house, its colors should match the colors of the neighboring rooms. The options we have are many, as long as they obey the basic color rules proposed by our professional Cranford Painting Painters for Exterior & Interior .

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