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Our company, Gikas, can offer you high quality hardscaping services in South Orange, NJ 07079. The study, design, construction of an outdoor space, as well as its maintenance, is a more complex case.

A well designed and well maintained exterior is much easier and cheaper to maintain. Let’s say it is an investment that rewards you and raises the objective value of your house. Our company is consisted by skilled workers while the focus of their work is the design, construction and maintenance of each project.

Our goal is to create functional and elegant spaces in South Orange, with respect for people and the environment, while through continuous training and a network of partners we are able to meet the needs of our customers. We, at Gikas handle everything with specialization and plenty of passion. Always, according to the specifications of the space, such as the size and location, regardless of the level of difficulty.

The process of hardscaping includes the human – made, hard staff in your yard and its main frame. The creation of corridors, parking lots, decks, patios, gazebos, pergolas, fences and floors. The decoration of the yard,  the construction of a BBQ and the plants are landscape applications that we take after the hardscaping process.

Hardscaping process in South Orange

The key to creating a successful exterior is design. A well-designed yard must be beautiful and well-kept, functional, in harmony with the environment, healthy, with respect for the environment and, of course, budget – friendly.

Hardscaping construction is not something simple and easy to achieve. Eventually, the demands and needs are more that people tend to think. We can help you with the process from the beginning to the end. You can start from imagining the garden of your dreams and we will be there to make that dream come true.

South Orange Hardscaping creation

We undertake the creation and development of your ideas, in order to identify all the architectural solutions and applications that fulfil the objective aims and objectives of the project. We meet with our clients to present the initial design proposals and discuss topics such as, site specifications, type of building materials and equipment and tree planting to be used.

We study the design of floor plans, which will capture all outdoor constructions and green areas. We also make you suggestions about the configuration and the right equipment. We finally meet you again in order to have an extensive discussion about your space. We present you our plan for the upcoming hardscaping, we have a detailed discussion about our solutions and finalize the details.

South Orange NJ 07079


The final study of the outdoor space reflects in the floor plan and the layout of the outdoor space. Including the location and arrangement of all construction and special constructions and elements of outdoor equipment. That can include things like swimming pool, living area, outdoor kitchen, paths, parking lot, leisure space for children, sports etc. The ground must be suitable for the type of yard we wish to create. Otherwise, all the necessary work must be done first to improve the overall condition of your space.

Hardscaping Ideas in South Orange

South Orange Hardscaping wooden floor

A particularly tasteful construction is the natural wood or the synthetic deck floor. The original wood is impregnated so that it does not absorb moisture and is protected from fungi and insects. This treatment is safe for humans and the environment. The disadvantage is that it needs periodic maintenance, however the authenticity of its beauty is unbeatable.

South Orange Hardscaping synthetic floor

Alternatively, the synthetic deck resembles the natural wood that forms water and grooves, it is much more durable, recyclable, ecological and easy to install. The new treatments make it a high-tech material that is constantly upgraded aesthetically. Also, the liquid element will give extra charm to a garden. Artificial ponds and swimming pools are made with huge success all these years by our company in South Orange.

A living garden or a terrace in order to work as a source of relaxation and tranquillity should also be characterized by functionality. In order to enjoy your exterior space, a pergola, a gazebo or an overhang will create added value. You should consider that pergolas act as natural air conditioners when combined with awnings or climbing plants. However, they also hide unwanted view and protect from prying eyes.

Since the garden is the face of every building, the image that your exterior place will bring out should be in line with the style and architecture of your home and possibly the neighbourhood. We can assist you so that a cohesive design and styling will be existing in your property. The combination of functionality and elegance is what is required.

The materials you choose for your South Orange hardscaping make a huge difference to the outcome. For example if you want to create a path, you might want to find a kind of tile whose quality and colour matches the materials that were used to the rest of your house. Balcony tiles with bright colours will make the difference and will give life to the space.

Gikas South Orange Hardscaping Cost

If you have a large space in front of your home, our qualified professional staff in the field of landscape architecture will execute a thorough study to your liking. Thus, you can avoid the unnecessary costs and mistakes you may make if you act on your own. As for the money you have to spend, it depends on the extent and the type of the changes you want to make.

The paradise of the house is the yard! There you will enjoy your spring morning coffee and moments with your family. Communicate with us to ensure high quality services in Gikas South Orange hardscaping and a beautiful and functional exterior space.

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