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Carpentry, Decks, Flooring, and Porch Contractors in South Orange NJ

Our company Gikas Painting, offers you high quality and insured affordable home repair services in South Orange.

Our carpentry services include installing and repairing decks, porches, and flooring.

When searching for affordable home remodeling, most customers want repairs that ensure comfort, additional living space, and aesthetic pleasure.

They want their home investment to be returned by selling it or renting. Carpentry features like decks and patios are an excellent opportunity to lay out your property and elongate your home’s exterior space.

As your carpenter contractor in South Orange NJ, we provide carpentry services for decks, porches, and flooring that offer a serious upgrade to the appearance of your property.

Residential Carpentry & Affordable Remodeling in South Orange

Taking advantage of your existing room and remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can also benefit you. Interior and exterior painting, too, can refresh and beautify your house.

We are a qualified and highly professional carpentry and painting company that can help with all areas of your home improvement needs.

Our company will help your home reach its full potential. While most companies think house repairs and renovations are tedious and tiring, we are passionate about our mission.

We undertake house renovations in all stages, from bidding the job to completion. Please check our carpentry portfolio to see what you can expect from our residential carpentry and affordable remodeling services.

Each repair for us is a unique case; our experienced crew handles every project differently and fully listens to your needs. With excellent training, experience, and always putting our clients first, we are by your side in South Orange, NJ.

Deck Flooring, Repairs, and More

The renovation of the exterior of your home can only be done by installing an outdoor floor, specifically a deck floor. Deck floors are used outdoors in yards, gardens, swimming pools, and fences, mainly due to the characteristics and advantages of the material.

Choosing a deck is not straightforward because every outdoor space is unique.

It’s important to consider external factors that can affect the exterior floor, such as the soil and the weather conditions in South Orange, NJ 07079.

Our experienced staff can assist you with selecting the best South Orange carpentry solutions for decks, porches, and flooring.

Some basic requirements for outdoor flooring include:

  • Durability—Ongoing pressure applied to outdoor flooring breaks down weaker materials
  • Weather-Resistance—Humidity, especially, negatively affects wood, making weather resistance a
  • Design—Depending on your aesthetic goals, a deck floor can be crafted from tile or boards, depending on your

Our Gikas light carpentry team can show you a variety of deck porch flooring, ranging from simple to luxurious. We even help with gazebos!

Additional outdoor carpentry services we offer:

  • Hot Tub flooring
  • Water Features
  • Outdoor Kitchen Areas
  • Covered Pergolas

Your new deck is also an opportunity to extend your living space outdoors. It can add value to your home and increase your living space, providing an excellent location for family gatherings and fun.

We’d love to help you create that living space. Contact our deck and outdoor flooring builders in South Orange, NJ, to learn more.

Professional Porch Builders in South Orange, NJ

Our company in South Orange will help you to find the best style of porch, according to your needs and your aesthetic.

Before designing, we analyze your porch to see what space is available. We ask you to think about the style of porch that you want and what type of furniture you’ll use. This gives us a greater understanding of whether you simply need a front porch extension or something else.

For some, a simple porch restoration is needed. Others will require a complete porch replacement.

Repairing and restoring your porch is part of ongoing exterior home maintenance; we can help you tackle it.

Whether you want to sell your property or just want to give it a facelift, our front porch repair services are the perfect fit.

Our Experience

We have been restoring porches and decks in old homes for over 30 years and promise absolute attention to detail and high-quality service.

We also renovate or remodel existing porches. Immediately after choosing the terrace style, we ask you to select the colors you prefer.

Our trained staff has years of experience and can provide an accurate price, excellent materials, plenty of color options, and the estimated time required to complete your porch.

Our goal is to ensure your porch is professionally installed or repaired!

Deck Repair and Staining in South Orange, NJ 07079

South Orange NJ 07079
Carpentry Decks Porches Flooring


For quality deck repair or deck staining services, turn to us. We have extensive experience in deck solutions and porch building. We aim to give your home a gorgeous addition, extension, or restoration job.

Call us to learn more about our deck repairs and porch carpentry services.

You Can Trust Our Carpentry Services in South Orange, NJ

If you’re considering restoring your home, whether to add value or unique features, you’re in good company.

Upgrading your price point and offering additional comfort to your living space is easy, all with help from our trusted carpenters.

Our work philosophy is to keep our customers satisfied by working hard for the best price point possible. Whether you’re searching for affordable home repair or affordable home remodeling services, we’ve got you covered.

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