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In how to choose the right tiles for our residence, first of all we should mension that the tiles are a safe, economical and safe choice for any modern home. We can use them in the bathroom, kitchen and floor areas and they are popular choices, that gives us with many advantages.

There are many reasong to rank them first in the preferences of consumers, as thei they combine the process of easy cleaning, with the various designs and colors, but also their variety in special texture.  We can find them nowdays in incredibly modern designs, that are nothing like the old ones!

How to choose the right tiles – Quality

Tiles can be found in the market in three qualities, named A, B and C.

Talking about quality A is by far the best. In A ‘quality we will never find different side lengths, uneven surface, differences in shades, bumps, scratchesand generally they are just perfect as it should be.

In B quality, we may sometimes encounter some small imperfections, mainly in dimensions and color. In this case we must be very careful because if we need to make the same order a second time we will hardly find the same. Its big advantage is that it has 50% lower cost than A ‘.

Finally, there is the category C, which are used mainly in very simple works. Mainly when we are about to put them in a surface that now one sees, or in one that we may change in a short period. Remember that there is the chance to place new floor tiles on top of the old ones, or even on top of mosaic or marble, as long as the old surface is solid.

The way tiles are made

The raw material we use to make tiles is clay (about 90%) which is mixed with various natural and chemical substances. The molding is done in special presses that press the raw materials so that the tile gets the final shape and acquires the necessary strengths. After drying, they are baked in specially designed ovens at temperatures of 1150-1250 degrees Celsius.

Tiles are generally divided into many categories depending on the material, use, installation space, etc. However, we divide them into two main categories: Wall and floor tiles. We can find tiles:

  • Indoor floor tiles
  • Outdoor floor tiles
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Wall
  • Exterior wall

The absorbency must be close to 0%, in order to give the tiles resistance to temperature changes.

Characteristics a quality tile should have

  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Easy to clean
  • Durability over time
  • Hard surface
  • Resistance to stress
  • To match the rest of the space
  • To withstand weather changes

It is very important to choose tiles with high strength characteristics, in order not to break or crack in the slightest situation. For this reason there is a scale of durability depending on the space we want to place them. We group them in categories as follows:

Group 1: Lightweight, exclusively for interior walls.

Group 2: Lightweight, for interior walls and bathroom floors.

Group 3: Moderate stress, for indoor floors.

Group 4: Heavy stress, for indoor and outdoor areas of increased stress.

Group 5: Heavy / very heavy for indoor and outdoor.

Have in mind that the tile prices are determined by the quality and technical characteristics of them.
The wall tiles in general, do not have special requirements since they do not strain much. We find them in items such as listel, tile, mosaic and decor.

The listelos, are linearly decorated pieces smaller than the classic ones, which are placed around the perimeter in places such as the bathroom, which are clean for decoration.

The decors are decorated with tiles. The decor is usually sold per piece and placed in special parts of the bathroom to beautify the space.

Bathroom tiles with numerous colors and designs

The mosaic tiles

The mosaic is baked at very high temperatures. It is usually found with glossy enamel and is one of the most popular options for the bathroom and kitchen. We can find it in a huge variety of colors and designs. One disadvantage is that we can not change their color.

Tiles for floor

The basic types of floor tiles based on their construction materials are:

  • Ceramics
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Ceramic tiles

Between them, the main types of ceramic tiles are glazed and unglazed.

The glazed tiles are coated and enamel coated on their ceramic surface that have been baked in special ovens. They are mainly intended for bathrooms and indoor floors. In the market we can find them in a wide variety of designs and colors. We find them in three types:

  • Checkmate
  • Glossy
  • Semi-glossy

Unglazed is the most popular choice in the world. Unlike glazed, they are not enamel coated and have very high strength and durability. We can place them both indoors and outdoors under great stress. They have 100% resistance to ice and have zero absorbency.

Tiles for your house floor

Cotto tiles

They are made of clay. They can be placed both indoors and in tile cotto exteriors. They are distinguished for their great resistance to time, but also their resistance to water and fire. Due to their wonderful texture but also their heat capacity is a must for walking barefoot. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. It is also a completely ecological solution, friendly to humans and the environment.

Granite tiles

Granite tiles are probably the best for the floor. They are distinguished for their great resistance to stress, abrasion, weather changes and humidity. An excellent choice for both exterior and interior floors.

Wood effect tiles

An excellent but also modern choice for the bedrooms and the living room are the imitation wood tiles that make “water”.

How to choose the right tiles


porcelain grevs Porcelain gres are distinguished for their quality, frost resistance, and resistance to temperature changes. It faithfully mimics the shape of gemstones and is often mixed with small pieces and shavings from them for a greater natural result.

In the end we see that there are a bog variety of tiles in the market to choose form, for every area of our house and every project. Remember that it is a job that usually is done once in a lifetime, so take your time to think of all the alternatives you have and the right for your needs.

If you find problem in taking the right decision you should always consider to call for a professional help, that we do the best to please and satisfy every need for your home. This way you can be sure for the perfection, as they have the solid knownledge to meet your needs.

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