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Choose the right colors for painting your space!

Renew your space with colors for painting, by choosing from the color palette, the ideal shade for each room of the house! Read the following useful painting styles. Do you want to renew the interior decoration of your home, without investing a lot of money?

Then the ideal proposal is to paint your home, choosing With Gikas Painting the appropriate colors for each room, which will create a renewed, beautiful and pleasant atmosphere.

Read below the painting ideas that will help you choose the right color that will fit perfectly in every room of your house!

Painting the kitchen

To choose the right color for painting the kitchen, you must take into account the color of the furniture and the other decorative elements that you have used in your space!

According to the suggestions of the decorators, the earthy colors are the ideal choice for the kitchen walls, because they give a natural note to the space and at the same time they can be combined more easily, with the equipment and the rest of the decoration!

One of the most favorite color choices for the kitchen is the soft, earthy, yellow color, because it creates a bright, friendly, warm and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen, which is pleasantly enjoyed by all members of the family.

If you are a fan of vivid, bright colors, the advice of experts is to use them, only in corners, or on small surfaces, so as not to limit your space but also to have comfort in choosing colors that you will choose for decorative elements that will “decorate” this room of the house!

Painting the living room

To choose the right color for the living room, you have to decide, based on the size of your space, but also the atmosphere you want to create!

If the living room is small and you want your space to be warm, friendly but to “trick” and look a little bigger, then choose from the paint shop, a bright color in a warm shade.

Another tip, to highlight the living room, is to choose two colors, a light, bright warm and a darker warm color!

Paint the walls of the living room that meet in a corner, to create contrast, the ideal proposal is to “play” with the two colors, on the wall that connects the living room, with the space where the dining room is located!

Painting the bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you will definitely want to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, which will predispose you to rest.

For this reason, most decorators suggest that you use light shades of blue or green for this space, because these shades predispose for relaxation and rest!

Another new fashion trend for the bedroom area is the bright warm colors, but they are recommended only for the rooms, which are located in a fairly bright space.

Painting the  bathroom

When completing the famous painting of the house, you should definitely not forget or neglect the bathroom, which offers the whole family, relaxation and renewal.

White, beige, or light gray are only recommended if you want to then add bold color tones to the other decorative elements you will use.

The blue and green colors will create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom and at the same time the space will look very tasteful and modern.

The yellow color will give a pleasant, playful mood in the space and is the right choice for you who have children and want bath time to be fun and enjoyable!

The darker colors are not recommended for acrylic painting the bathroom, because they create a suffocating atmosphere, in which you can not stay for long!

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