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5 Exterior Home Restoration Tips For 2023

When the doors start to wear out, the plaster starts to fall, the irons rust and the color of the walls loses its shine and needs painting then the exterior of your house is not at its best! Is it time to do something about it? Read below 5 exterior home restorations for 2023.

What you will surely know is that the first image plays a decisive role in every level of our life, whether it is the acquaintance of a new person or the exterior of our house. Especially if you are thinking of renting or selling your house, you have to make some restorations, if you want its appearance to win the best of impressions, at the very first glance!

Follow Gikas Contracting exterior home restoration tips that will help you improve its image easily and economically gain ground in the battle of renting and selling!

Here are 5 tips for exterior home restoration that will be helpful in your decision of renovating your house.

What are the most important exterior home restorations you need to make?

1.  Wall maintenance

The exterior walls are the first elements that you and every visitor notices when he arrives at your home. Even the most beautiful colors cannot stand out when the walls are worn or dirty. You may not, however, need to repaint the wall to regain its lost luster. Maybe it’s just time to do a good deep cleaning on your wall, to give light again to the exterior of your home.

2.  Entrance door

The door is the first thing you see before entering a home. So, if time has not treated it in the best way, you should take care of it. Either change it or repair it. If you are not willing to spend your holiday money to replace your old, worn front door, then you should paint it!

3.  Painting and scrubbing skirting boards

The skirting board, in case you do not know, is that narrow, horizontal strip that covers the bottom of the wall and separates it from the floor. In addition to their functional role, skirting boards also play a very important role in the exterior appearance of a house. With a simple scrubbing and painting, your home’s exterior will gain many years of youth! This little treatment on your wall is sure to win impressions!

4.  Hardscape restoration

The most economical way to give a refreshing air to your home is to let the power of nature do it for you. If the plants on your balcony or garden are untidy or withered, the exterior of your home will not cultivate the most positive emotions. Put greenery and colors outdoors, plant beautiful flowers, and include new additions to your front yard design, or backyard patio. You will see the changes immediately!

5.  Pergolas and awnings

Especially if you live in an apartment building, you will know how important the care of the terrace is for the view of the house from the street. Torn awnings and faded pergolas, no doubt, create a very bad image for both you and the visitor or prospective tenant who will see them.

If it’s time to repair awnings or pergolas outside your home, no more procrastination! As the saying goes: “Do not leave for tomorrow something you can do today! The same applies to home exterior restoration.

At Gikas we offer some of the most desired Interior & Exterior home restoration services in the industry. We have been painting and restoring older homes in Montclair and surrounding towns since the early 1980s. Confidently choose our exterior painting to keep your home looking incredible.

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