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Bathroom Remodelling

Verona Bathroom Remodelling

Our company, Gikas painting, can undertake Verona bathroom remodelling quickly, efficiently and at the best cost. A home remodelling requires your dedication, a well calculated budget and experienced technicians with the spirit of hard work and patience. We can handle both remodelling services and create harmony in your bathroom in Verona NJ 07044. We’ve been painting houses and remodelling houses in Verona and nearby New Jersey towns since 1980.

Our experienced technicians and our perennial expertise are the key of success for your bathroom remodelling in Verona NJ 07044. The main factors of our company are speed, work ethics, focus on the main goals and respect of your ideas. We make good use of your vision for your home, of course within your money and your personality.

Our clients, who trusted us with their homes painting, repairing, remodelling and restoration services are our pride. Each remodelling for us is a one of a kind case and our experienced crew handles every space differently with lots of attention. With great training and years of work, we stand by you in Verona NJ 07044. Call us!

Bathroom remodelling

Bathroom remodelling requires a lot of tasks that must be completed by experienced workers and with proper care for design of the new bathroom.  Our architectural solutions will change the style of your bathroom and we can ensure a cohesive design with the rest of your home in Verona NJ 07044.

Our staff has all the necessary knowledge, specialization and of course many years of experience to handle with complete success any bathroom remodelling. Using only high quality materials, we take all the measures to make the bathroom you dream of!

From the change of the floor to the installation of high quality modern equipment and the layout, we will ensure you the best for your home. Also, the basin and the sink are two of the most important parts in a bathroom. We will make sure to choose the most suitable equipment for your shower.

Always according to your preferences, we will offer you an outstanding result at home remodelling and bathroom remodelling so that your family can enjoy a relaxing bath in Verona NJ. Everything will be chosen carefully to meet your daily needs. Leave your bathroom remodelling to our experts and you will have the maximum functionality and the perfect aesthetics, always using high quality bathroom products.

Verona Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Bathtub or shower?

Another crucial factor for your bathroom remodelling is the choice of bathtub or shower. Clearly the choice depends on everyone’s personal habits. However, we would suggest the shower solution, because you will save valuable space for other sanitary ware. In addition, a shower with a glass protector placed in the corner of your bathroom will give incomparable style to your bathroom and in addition will keep the water inside it.

Sanitary ware

Proper sanitation is one of the most important parameters for the bathroom remodelling in Verona NJ 07044. They usually take up a lot of space so they leave limited space to move around in the bathroom. In addition, they tend to catch the eye and will make your bathroom look even smaller. We would highly recommend to you to think about the built-in sanitary ware, because in this way you will save valuable space, you will increase the space to store your personal belongings and you will create the illusion that your bathroom space has increased due to the empty space on the floor.

Mirror and lighting

A modern mirror in the right size and shape will give a unique style to your bathroom and is an essential ingredient for the renovation of your bathroom. In fact, the appropriate choice of this will give depth to a small bathroom and you will think that the bathroom space has grown. Choosing the right lighting also plays an important role in how your bathroom will stand out, so that it looks more modern and bright.

When you can have it, natural light is best. The best way to achieve this is to combine a corner shower with clear frameless windows. The best solution is the plexi glass that is joined with metal clips together, or just a door instead of the entire shower enclosure.


The tiles that you will choose for the renovation of your bathroom will in turn play an important role. Their size, colour and configuration will affect how big or small your bathroom will look and will significantly determine the decoration of your bathroom as a whole. We would suggest large tiles in light tones. This way you will save more space in the eye in contrast to the choice of small tiles in bright colours, which will significantly reduce your bathroom.

Trust Verona Bathroom Remodelling

With a good bathroom remodelling, proper layout and smart decoration, your renewed bathroom will have nothing to envy from anyone else. Our insight for your bathroom remodelling in combination with your own unique ideas, will give you the wonderful result of incomparable beauty and comfort in Verona NJ.

We hope the above ideas were helpful in bathroom remodelling in Verona NJ 07044. At this point we would like to emphasize that the bathroom remodelling as well as the home remodelling should be done only by specialized professionals from Gikas painting and contracting  in New Jersey. The works included in a renovation, apart from the upgrade of the aesthetic result, also aim at the practicality of the issue, which is that everything works perfectly and that you enjoy your daily bath smoothly.

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