Verona Kitchen Remodelling

Our company, Gikas painting, can undertake Verona kitchen remodelling quickly, efficiently and at the best cost. A home renovation requires your dedication, a respectable budget and experienced technicians with the spirit of hard work and patience. We can handle both remodelling services and create harmony in your kitchen and bathroom. We’ve been painting houses and remodelling houses in Verona and nearby towns since 1980.

Our experienced technicians and our perennial expertise are the key of success for you. The main factors of our company are speed, work ethics, focus on the main goals and respect of your ideas. We make good use of your vision for your home, of course within your money and your personality.

Our clients, who trusted us with their homes painting, repairing, remodelling and Victorian restoration services in Verona, NJ are our pride. Each remodelling for us is a one of a kind case and our experienced crew handles every space differently with lots of attention. With great training and years of work, we stand by you. Contact us!

Verona Kitchen Remodelling

The people who are interested in kitchen remodelling state that they go through that  process for aesthetic upgrade and for increasing the functionality. Nevertheless, there are homeowners who make changes to the kitchen to fix older problems. The kitchen area always suffers the most, especially if you cook daily.

So if there is one room in the house that deserves more care and attention than the others, it is the kitchen. Kitchen remodelling, partial or total, has many benefits. We undertake complete solutions in kitchen remodelling in all stages from the first contact with you and your space until its complete change in Verona, NJ.

There are lots of options when you desire to remodel your kitchen. You definitely want to make it more comfortable, more functional and to match your unique style and aesthetic. Depending on how big a kitchen remodelling you are planning and how much money you can spend, you can change a lot of items and furniture in your kitchen.

The main factors in shaping the cost of remodelling and renovating a kitchen are the choice of cabinets, tiles and counter-tops that you will decide to install, as well as the type of flooring. You can begin with envisioning your dream kitchen and researching for inspiration about your kitchen remodelling.

Define your expectations of the kitchen remodelling and imagine how different kitchen design and layout will work. The most popular items that our customers change are: the dining room furniture, the kitchen counter and the washbasin. Also, they alter the island, the storage spaces and the lighting. To help you ensure a fully functional kitchen, we spoke with the specialized professionals of our platform and made a list of some small things that are often neglected, but play an important role in your kitchen.

Firstly, when your house is undergoing a kitchen remodelling, you should pay special attention to use friendly design and lighting. We make sure there are several different lightings that will ensure the necessary amount of light in the space that will make you comfortable. Also, the proper layout of the space is extremely important. Take advice from the professionals ourselves, we can help you in Verona!

Choosing the right colours can be crucial. Make a clever combination of colours to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen, but not be badly stained quickly after the remodelling. Likewise, the most important in a kitchen is the storage space. When we will handle your kitchen remodelling in Verona, NJ, we will ensure that you take advantage of every free corner. Even for the smallest kitchens, there are solutions with different cabinet systems to achieve the best outcome in functionality. Call us today!

Find the focal point of the kitchen

We try to see our kitchen through the eyes of a visitor who comes to our house for the first time. Is it the first thing we see that we like? If not here’s a new product just for you! So we turn this point and the nearest wall into the so-called focus point. Compared to the rest of the space, the focal point should be the most impressive.

To achieve this, we highly recommend to use one of the following techniques. We paint the wall in the intense colour 3 that we have chosen,  hang a big board or we use a poster with text or image.

Ideas for Kitchen remodelling

Colour or tiles, it all always depends on the style you choose. In any case, apart from the beauty, see also the practicality of your choice. The tile is more expensive and may be damaged but it is easier to clean and is more beautiful. It is best to combine tiles and colour that will be a more economical solution, will highlight any style you choose and will be functional.

The general rule is that tiles usually fit between the sink and the cupboards. At that point you can make really bold interventions as bright or colourful as you like. They will catch the eye and will not get tiring because they will cover a small part.

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Our trained estimators have years of experience in kitchen remodelling and are able to provide you with an accurate price, estimation of materials and the required time to complete the job up front in Verona and the rest of New Jersey, so call us today.

Our mission is to ensure your project is done right and to your satisfaction. Our work philosophy known by our costumers as GIKAS the WIZARD is creatively carried in every project in order to enhance your home’s appearance and functionality and we provide excellent customer service as well.

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