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Clifton Carpentry NJ 07013

Gikas painting provides since the ’80s high quality and professional services at Clifton carpentry NJ 07013. Most home owners, when remodelling their houses, wonder what choices ensure comfort, living space and aesthetic. They are mostly interested in their home investment to be returned, either they want to sell it or not. Decks, porches, siding and patios are really popular choices and offer a high return on investment and extend the outdoor space of your property.

Clifton carpentry home maintenance can seriously upgrade the appearance of your house. Taking advantage of the existing space, remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, replacing your siding can benefit the whole family as well. Interior and exterior painting, also can refresh and beautify of your place. Gikas Painting is a qualified and highly professional Clifton carpentry company.

Our company’s goal is to reach your home’s full potential. While most companies consider repairs are a difficult job, we are full of passion for our mission. We undertake complete exterior and interior house renovations in all kind of stages from the first moment until its final stage.

Clifton Decks

The renovation of the exterior of your home can only be done by installing outdoor Clifton flooring and specifically decks. Deck floors are used outdoors in yards, gardens, around swimming pools and fences, mainly due to the characteristics and advantages of the material. Choosing a Clifton deck is not a simple matter, because the needs of an outdoor space do not mean that they coincide with the needs of the other spaces. You need to consider the external factors that can affect the Clifton decks, such as the soil and the weather conditions in Clifton NJ 07013. Don’t worry, our experienced staff can assist you with that.

In general, outdoor decks must be durable because they are daily affected by both weather and microorganisms that come in contact with their surface. Humidity, for example, can affect wood, but in the case of deck floors, this is not the case. By installing a deck floor, this anxiety will be eliminated. The shape of the deck floors varies, so you can find a deck in the form of tile or hardwood and choose the shape you like depending on your garden or balcony.

We can show you at Gikas painting a variety of deck ideas ranging from basic to luxurious, including gazebos, covered pergolas, tubs or water features. Your new Clifton deck is also an opportunity to extend your living space outdoors and will not only add value to your home but increase your living space, providing a great location for family gatherings and fun.

Clifton Porches

We at Clifton Carpentry Gikas may find the style of porch, according to your needs and your aesthetic preference. Before we start designing, we will do a study on your porch to see what spaces you can use. Think about the style of the porch that you desire and the furniture you would like to use and we will make the idea come true.

Restoring an old porch will add more comfort and functionality in your space. Critical outdoors maintenance, like replacing or restoring your Clifton porches are the ones that are visible and can greatly increase buyers if you would like to sell it.

Clifton Flooring

Clifton flooring is one of the most comfortable and budget friendly home improvements. The flooring in your home suffers a lot every single day and we don’t realize how much damage we cause until it’s too late. Thankfully, our company, Clifton Carpentry deals with such cases many years. In the kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom, the flooring quality in your home plays a critical role in the aesthetic and usability .

Give character to your Clifton flooring by choosing the best designs and qualities that suit your space. We can provide you with many choices of floor types like tiles or hardwood and ensure the use of high quality materials. Classic or modern, we will make sure that you will find a colour and design that matches your personal style and available budget.

The choice of the most suitable floor type for your home plays a significant role. A beautiful new floor can transform any room, the right choice will perfectly complement your home. Installing new flooring can add value to your home and can help you sell it faster and more highly priced, if you want to.

Why choose Clifton Carpentry Gikas?

We at Clifton carpentry have been restoring porches and decks in old homes over 30 years. Absolute attention and high quality is given to the preparation of your new porch in Clifton. Also, we, at Clifton carpentry Gikas renovate or remodel existing porches. Immediately after choosing the style of the terrace, the right colour combination follows. Decide if you want to give colour and liveliness to your porch or keep it classic with neutral colours.

Our trained staff has years of experience and can provide you with a free estimate, accurate price, excellent materials and the estimated time required to complete your porch. Our main goal is to ensure your porch is done right for you.

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Since 1980 we satisfy customers, who trusted us with their home in Clifton Carpentry NJ 07013 for decks, porches and flooring as well as painting, repairing, remodelling and Clifton hardscaping. Each remodelling for us is a separate, unique project and our experienced crew studies every case they handle in your space with great care. We always aspire to satisfy all your needs with hard work at the best cost possible.

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