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Our company, Gikas can offer you quality services at Glen Ridge bathroom remodelling at the best cost possible. A home remodelling requires your absolute dedication, a respectable budget, an experienced staff, among other things, such as labour and patience. We can create harmony in your bathrooms! We have been painting and remodelling houses in New Jersey and surrounding towns since the early 1980’s.

Our well-trained staff and our many years of experience always achieve the best for you. The main factors of our company are speed, professionalism and achieving the best result, according to your needs and your aesthetic. We have a vision for your home, of course within your budget and your preferences.

What includes a Glen Ridge bathroom remodelling?

Bathroom remodelling is a set of tasks that must be done with outstanding care by experienced workshops, with proper design of the new bathroom. And in the remodelling of your bathroom, beautiful architectural solutions will change its aesthetics and we can ensure a cohesive design with the rest of the house. Our staff has all the necessary knowledge, specialization and of course many years of experience to complete with complete success any bathroom remodelling. Using only high quality materials, we take all the necessary steps to make your bathroom you always wanted.

From the change of the floor to the installation of high quality modern equipment and the layout, we will ensure you the best for your space. The bathtub, the basin and the sink are the most important parts in a bathroom. Α neglected bathroom isn’t functional and messes with the image of the house and its market value. We will make sure to choose the most suitable equipment for your shower.

We specify the time at which you want the work to be completed. We issue an offer that includes detailed technical descriptions of the work and materials to be used, which obliges us as a company to meet our original commitments. Also, it’s a fact that the materials we use for Glen Ridge bathroom remodelling are of high quality.

The great dilemma – Shower or bathtub?

You are planning your new Glen Ridge bathroom remodelling and you are faced with the dilemma of whether there will be a bathtub or a shower in the space.

Read the pros and cons below, and make the right choice that suits your lifestyle and your daily habits.

1. Shower

Lack of space as well as the arrangement of other items in the bathroom are the main reasons for placing a shower. In recent years, however, changes in the rhythms of everyday life and the minimalist decoration mood that prevails, has contributed to the installation of showers by more and more people.


  1. Space saving: The shower takes up half the space that a bathtub would take up. It is the easy solution in small bathrooms.
  2. Save time: A shower is usually done faster in a shower than in a bathtub as there is no choice but to sit down.
  3. Lower cost: A medium quality shower almost always costs cheaper with a similar quality bathtub. In addition to the commercial cost, the savings are made by the lower placement requirements.
  4. Easy replacement with bathtub or other object: A shower is much easier to remove or process than a bathtub.


  1. Bathroom standing up: Choosing a shower excludes the choice of a relaxing bath in a full bath or a bath in a sitting position.
  2. Unable to wash carpets and other items: For many housewives, the bathtub is an aid for washing many, mainly textile items. Due to the lack of depth in the showers, the possibility of the above use becomes impossible.

2. Bathtub

A bathtub is the most common means of human hygiene. In most houses there is a bathtub and if there is a second bathroom it is usually a shower. For many, the bathtub, in addition to being a means of hygiene, is also a means of relaxation. You can find a variety of dimensions and designs of bathtubs as well as whirlpool equipment, handles, seats, pillows, etc.


  1. Comfort & luxury: A bathtub is used as a means of relaxing and enjoying the bath. Filling the bathtub with or without hydrotherapy may not be part of your daily routine, however having a bathtub is an extra option!
  2. Use for washing other items (such as blankets, rugs, etc.)
  3. Pet bathroom: The limited space of the bathtub facilitates the process of the bathroom.


  1. Space commitment: The dimensions of an ordinary bathtub usually range from 140cm to 170cm in length and 60cm to 75cm in width.
  2. Higher cost: A complete independent bathtub set is the safest but at the same time the most expensive option. Building a bathtub can significantly reduce the cost but still can not reach the cost of a shower.
  3. Difficult to replace: Changing or modifying a built-in bathtub is a rather painful process. Tiles and some plumbing may need to be removed and replaced.

Trust Glen Ridge Bathroom Remodelling

With a good bathroom remodelling, proper layout and smart decoration, your renewed bathroom will have nothing to envy from anyone else. Our insight for your bathroom remodelling in combination with your own unique ideas, will give you the wonderful result of incomparable beauty and comfort in Glen Ridge, NJ.

We hope the above ideas were helpful in bathroom remodelling in Glen Ridge, NJ. At this point we would like to emphasize that the bathroom remodelling as well as the home remodelling should be done only by specialized professionals from Gikas painting and contracting  in New Jersey. The works included in a renovation, apart from the upgrade of the aesthetic result, also aim at the practicality of the issue, which is that everything works perfectly and that you enjoy your daily bath smoothly.

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