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How to become a good painter for your house

Everything seems difficult in the beginning of a painting task as you are not a professional painter. It’s just the fear of the unknown, Gikas tells us. But you don’t have to worry. Painting is not that hard and there are some rules to follow for having a good result.

Surely it has its difficulties. Either you want to change the color of the walls in your bedroom, at the living room, or even in case you want to give your wooden furniture a new style

We are going to give you some advice, to help you in your start. Take them seriously, grump a brush and start to paint. You may transform yourself from a beginner to a real professional painter. In either case, you will have a good result.

Use a sandpaper and don’t forget the primer

If you want to get the perfect results in your job, you first need to start with a surface that is completely perfect. In order to achieve this, sandpaper of all types must be your best friend. In this way, you will have the ability to be able to remove all kinds of imperfections and also marks from the surface, either in a wall or furniture and generally every surface.

For having a perfect result, you should start by rubbing the surface that is going to be painted. You should do that with a direction going from bottom to the top and by making horizontal movements.

Always remember to fill in the gaps and the imperfections that appear on the surface. Take the right type of primer for your occasion and apply the right quantity, to avoid an uneven end result.

A little trick is to use a primer that is not either white or colorless. Prefer to use a primer that comes in the palette of the gray shades, of this magical material. Professional painters recommend it as they say that has a better coverage of the spots.

Also, remember that this shade is going to give life to the color that you have choose for the process of painting. Squeeze the paper tape with the putty spatula

There is a possibility to have taken your own measures and remember to apply paper tape, to the skirting board and also all of the surfaces, the ones that you do not want to change color.

However, if you want to ensure that you are not going to find any marks of the fresh color when you are pulling the tape, there is one thing to do. Just press the tape very well with a putty spatula. This is going to make the tape seal the space better and in a more effective way.

Scrape the paint and also use canvas

In the case your ceiling has a texture, then you surely that it is very difficult to paint its corners, without the possibility to leave marks of the new paint on it. One easy solution to this situation is by using a screwdriver.

This will give you the ability to scrape the corners and in the same time recesses into which the paint accumulates.

Remember that in case that you are using a sheet or a plastic when you paint, in order to cover your floor, this is a tactic that you should change if you want to become a professional painter.

Instead using one of the above two materials, you should prefer the canvas. The reason behind this is that canvas is a material that absorbs splashes in a more efficiently way.

Paint just one wall at a time

There are plenty of people that start to paint in different places at the same time. Maybe it seems easier to them if they begin painting the corners of the room that they want to paint. First using the brush and then fill the spots between them with the use of a roller.

However, this is a tactic most unprofessional painters do that leads to uneven results. Professionals Gikas Painters prefer to take the project of painting literally wall-to-wall. They are not going to begin the painting of another part of the surface, if they don’t first paint the previous part completely.

Feeling your brush with paint and remember to clean your roll like painters do

You should always remember to clean your brushes in an effective way, before you start the process of painting. Wash the roll with plenty of water and use a liquid soap. Then, roll it in your hands for some times and finally, let it dry well.

This is a way to smooth the surface of the brush and rollers, in order to achieve the uniform result that you always look for, in your next job.

After finishing the daily job, if there are more spaces to paint in the next day and in case they are in the same color, remember that there is no need to paint the brush. You can just let it inside the paint container, in order not to dry.

During the paint you should immerse your brush and then, tap each side of her into the paint container. This is a way to be able to paint your walls more evenly. The same occurs for exterior painting.

We hope have helped you in your painting try-outs. Take Gikas Painters advice and start the process carefully and with the absence of fear. It may seems difficult in the beginning, but it’s just a matter of time to take the control.

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