Cranford Victorian Home Restoration

Our company, Gikas painting, has been managing  Victorian home restoration in Cranford and nearby New Jersey towns since 1980. A successful Victorian restoration by our specialized workshop, by our organized company, can give huge value to your property. After all, we change our house either to feel better that we live there or to give it added value, in order to sell of rent the place. With careful management we can elevate the value and the aesthetic of your property. We handle the coordination of the project so that it is done properly and efficiently.

When you own a Victorian home, you recognise that each home has its own personality. We can restore your Victorian home, according to its style so that it won’t be completely altered. There are many styles from that age, not every Victorian home in Cranford is the same. Every Victorian home has its personality and needs special treatment. Now is the time to enhance your home’s special architecture and beauty.

Your Victorian home with its unique ornate and decorative elements needs special care and attention and we have the required experience. Victorian homes were built with quality materials in order to last longer and we know how to manage that.

Victorian Home Restoration Projects in Cranford

Throughout the years, there are repairs that need to be done such us the wiring, walls, plumbing, roofing, doors and windows of the home. Some features are easy to repair, but sometimes a complete restoration is required. Our company, Gikas prefers to repair rather than replace in Victorian homes. There are Victorian homes in Cranford that feature elegant and intricate architectural detailing both outdoors and indoors. Details such us rooflines, fancy porches, dramatic decorations, little towers and balustrades are valuable and need to be handled with respect to its structure and style.

Extremely important for a Victorian home in Cranford is the exterior painting. When you want to restore a Victorian home, you may choose a signature colour or an existing Victorian colour scheme you‘re trying to recreate. The time that has passed and the weather in Cranford cause the fading of the walls. We have painted many Victorian homes in Cranford the last 40 years, so don’t be anxious about that.

When the choosing paint colours for your Victorian home, be careful with your choice of colours. Victorian painters were using superabundant rich greens, golden brown, red, and light blue colours. The commutation of the colours in the rooms were extravagant and dramatic. We specialize in Cranford painting the exact colour combination you desire, according to the area that the Victorian home was built and its unique style.

The improvement of the layout of your Victorian home has also crucial importance. Victorian homes are a challenge, because the architects from the Victorian era used to built plenty, tiny rooms. That style of building is no longer valid and functional. Specifically, rooms such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom, it is important not to lose their functionality as they are the core of a home. It is important to define and discuss with us the amount that you can allocate. This will help you feel more secure and restore your Victorian home back to its charming style without losing your comfort.

Victorian homes were made by excellent materials and technicians full of love for their work and we owe to respect that fact. It’s best to restore than replace things in your Victorian home, but if needed we can find staff like doors, windows and columns close to the character the home indicates. We enhance and bring out the original design of the Victorian home. We are able to restore and paint doors, windows, ceilings, columns, floors and fireplaces or replace them.

Finally, in order to fixing up your home to the standards of historical Victorian grace, you should consider the kitchen and bathroom remodelling. Kitchens, bathrooms and their facilities have come a long way since the Victorian era. You may retain original details of the home, while having a fully comfortable and functional design, according to the modern way of living.

Remember that a home must be cohesive designed in order not to create visual chaos. We give our full attention to the preparation and the final restoration of your Victorian home in Cranford.

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Our company cooperates for a long time with craftsmen who have significant knowledge in the construction industry, especially in the area of Victorian restorations. So the execution of the works for the Victorian restoration of your home in Cranford is done with quality, responsibility and professionalism. The decorative features and architectural detail of the Victorian homes are an excellent opportunity for us to work on and demonstrate to you a great outcome.

Our mission is to ensure your project is done right and to your satisfaction. We always present you an estimation about the overall cost of the restoration, the selection of materials and the expected time needed for the completion of the project.

We also provide you  architectural proposals and detailed design of the space.In our company, thanks to the experience, knowledge and passion that we infuse in everything we undertake, all without exception the creations of our team are placed within the framework of artistic creation.

Our work philosophy will be captured in your Cranford Victorian home with texture, colours and details in order to recreate its unique details.

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