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7 questions for what to expect from roofing contractor

Before you hire a contractor to fix your roof or install a new one, you always need to know certain things about their company, policies and previous work. At Gikas Painting & Contracting we always meet with our clients before we start our projects to meet them and learn more about your ideas and vision. Here are the 7 questions for what to expect from roofing contractor.

What is the company’s full name and address of headquarters?

These two might seem very irrelevant and as a detail for most people but the truth is that you need to know the official company name and its physical address. If the company has a PO Box because they are based in another state you need to ask for the main location so that you can do your research. Any company not only a roofing or contracting one but any company that does not state it’s official name could be anything else but a legitimate company. Please move on and choose another company if the one you have contacted does not share this information with you.

Do they have insurance?

Another question that makes him not that important is the existence of insurance from the part of the company. Let us explain you why this is of extreme importance. In the unfortunate event of an accident or injury at your house while the workers are in the middle of your roofing project, they need to be hospitalized or simply visit a doctor. In case the company does not have insurance the owner of the house might have to pay for the compensation of the worker as the accident has happened in their house.

The last thing you want is to be responsible to pay the medical bills or any other cost that is associated with the accident. So in order to be covered, you need to ask for their insurance of the company before any construction starts at your property.

Are you licensed as a roofing contractor?

Another question that might seem silly to think about is if your contractors are licensed. This is important because licenses are required in cities and states and in different states there are different requirements. So you need to know if their license is valid at your State. In order to do that, you can check in with them licensing offices in your area just to make sure that the company’s license has no violations and  that is up-to-date.

Can I see your previous roofing work done around my area?

If you need to be 100% certain that the result of you everything will be exactly as you want it then you will probably need to see some of the previous roofing work that the company has completed. If the company is located in your area then this is easy as you can ask for the previous job sites so that you can visit them. If your company is located elsewhere then you can ask for references from previous collaborations. Another way to learn more about their work is to see the feedback on their webpage and of course the pictures and portfolio of the company.

Will you offer me a warranty for the roofing work you will perform?

Most of the roofing and contracting companies will offer you a warranty for your roof. The point is that you need to ask for how long this warranty is valid and it’s most of the time for a year but you could schedule another timeline that works for you if the company excepts it.

What are the timelines of your roofing projects?

This particular question will be hard to answer but you should have a general idea of how long the roofing project is going to take. It is more than OK to ask the contractors about the timeline so that you know how long you will need to arrange the other construction add to your property. Bear in mind that the answer will not be 100% accurate as there are many factors involved in a roofing construction such as the weather conditions.

We hope that the 7 questions for what to expect from roofing contractor have helped you create a general plan in your mind about what to ask your contractors before hiring them. In Gikas Contracting we are always available for your questions regarding your house projects. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

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