Best Of Essex 2017

Vote For Us As Best of Essex 2017!

Dear Valued Client,

It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by, but here we are in October and it’s that time of year again!  Time to cast your vote in the annual Best of Essex Reader’s Choice Awards conducted by Suburban Essex Magazine for the best painter in Essex County.

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Exterior Painting on this Victorian Home in Bloomfield

Exterior Painting on this Victorian Home in Bloomfield Nj

Exterior Painting on this Victorian Home


There is a reason why classic Victorian homes are called Grand Dames – their beauty is truly unparalleled. Turrets, gables, dormers and intricate ornamentation usually accompany a sweeping porch around these romantic houses. If you are lucky enough to own a Victorian home, you are surrounded by nooks and crannies with details, details, details.

These make for very interesting living spaces, but after 100 plus years, your home may be starting to show signs
of wear.

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Carpentry - Wooden Railings

Carpentry – Wooden Railings Built by Gikas in Montclair Nj

Carpentry by Gikas

We often hear our prospective carpentry customers say “They don’t make them like they used to”, and our response is always the same – WE DO. It can be a daunting task to find the right carpenter to recreate a railing piece to match an existing one, or come up with a porch design to compliment your home, but for us, this is what we do best. Our carpentry team is an experienced group of talented men who can create amazing wooden pieces to fit every need. Whether creating a new outdoor living space or expertly replacing existing wood in a structure, GIKAS has the talent and experience to get your carpentry home improvement project done to your expectations.

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We will give up to a 10 year warranty on our paint jobs - other painters give just 4. This is what we call the Gikas difference!

Our latest exterior paint job in Bloomfield!

We will give up to a 10 year warranty on our paint jobs – other painters give just 4. This is what we call the Gikas difference!
We know the quality of our work and stand by it year after year. It’s easy to do because we use premium Benjamin Moore or Sherwin William paints, not the commercial grades that these manufacturers also offer (and other painters use). We do not water down our paint with thinners to keep costs down. We
know how to prepare the wood in order for it to receive a fresh coat of paint that will last the period of our warranty. There is a reason our warranty period is double other painters.
We care about every project as if it were our home – that’s why we are in the business of painting for over 30 years. We are here when you need us….as our satisfied customers will agree!

Trust Gikas  for your Exterior Painting!

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Kitchen Remodeling in Bloomfield

Kitchen Remodeling in Bloomfield by Gikas Painting

Make Your dream Kitchen a Reality!

Gikas Kitchen Remodeling, will help you add style to the heart of your home!

Gikas Painting & Contracting kitchen remodeling professionals, are always ready to give you the best and most ideas.

Trust Gikas Painting & Contracting for your Kitchen Remodeling!

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Did you ever wonder how GIKAS Painting can offer up to a 10 year warranty on all exterior painting projects?

It all starts with the quality of preparation we give to every project – the GIKAS difference. The first step is the sanding process. Whether it is moderate sanding or sanding to bare wood, this operation is crucial to providing a good foundation for any new paint. With over 30 years of experience, GIKAS Painting knows when wood is ready to receive the first coat of primer.

We frequently get asked if all paint is the same.  The answer is NO. We only use premium quality paints by either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.  They are NEVER commercial grade (cheaper quality), nor do we water down the paint with thinner – a process other painters use to keep costs down. By using the full strength of these first grade paints, along with the way we apply them to the wood, ensures that every completed project is ready to carry a warranty – no problem.

Summer is the perfect time for all your painting needs – give us a call for a free estimate, and let us show you the  GIKAS difference!

Trust Gikas Painting & Contracting for Exterior & Interior Painting!

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Painting, Montville, Interior Painting. exterior painting

Interior Painting by Gikas in Montville NJ

There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to brighten up a room and your day to day living space. Interior painting isn’t limited to just the walls. The rooms in your home may appear uninteresting and made up of plain old’ walls, but it takes just a little imagination and the experience that Gikas painting has to bring it back to life. Gikas painting has been painting the interior of new and older homes in Montclair and other north New Jersey  towns since the early 1980’s. Our highly skilled and experienced painters can transform the interior of your home into a work of art you’ll be proud to show off at holidays and special events. working quickly and efficiently, we make every effort to minimize disruptions to your home.

Our trained estimators have years of experience and are able to provide you with an accurate price, estimation of materials and time required to complete the job up front. Our mission is to ensure your project is done right and to your satisfaction. Our work philosophy known by our costumers as GIKAS the WIZARD is creatively carried from project to project enhancing your home with texture, colors and details in order to comprehensively restore its charming properties. When we arrive for your estimate, we will go over the entire house exterior, once complete, we will sit down with you and discuss any necessary preparation, and repairs that may be needed and finally help you pick and finalize your paint colors.

Trust Gikas Painting & Contracting for Interior & Exterior Painting

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Wooden Railings

Wooden Railings Built by Gikas in Glen Ridge

Stairs is one of the most essential element of your home. A luxury staircase can tranform and accentuate the home decor. The interior designers focus around showcasing stair railings in order to transform the felling of your house. Firstly, a well designed handrail is very important element for an elegant staircase. Certainly, the design is the the first impressionin your home and so don’t forget the handrail.

Previously, people did not give importance to the beauty of a staircase. Now, it’s a base element not only for safety but also to contributes to the elegance of the interior of a home. The wooden railing is a versatile choice that allows owners and contractors many options to enhance a staircase. 

Trust Gikas Painting & Contracting for Wooden Railings!

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